Saturday, May 14, 2011

Craft Time – Egg Carton Flower Garden

Say it fast – it sort of rhymes. :)
flower carton garden (9)
We still have this little art project, from almost a year ago, in our breezeway (the play dough is hard, but still holds!):imageIt is one of my favorite things.  M noticed it a few days ago and wanted to make another one.

However, our lovely weather turned cold and rainy for about a week, and so we decided to put a twist on the activity and make our own flower garden.

Supplies:flower carton garden (1)Old play dough (especially some that has been mixed together to form that lovely gray-brown), an egg carton, 12 craft sticks, 12 coffee filters, dot markers, a stapler, and… green paper, scissors, and pipecleaners all came in handy too.

Make large balls with the play dough and push them into the egg carton wells:flower carton garden (2) 
Use your green dot marker (or whatever you wish) to paint some flower stems (craft sticks):flower carton garden (3) 
At this point, M asked about leaves, so I got out the green paper and cut some leaves while he finished up the stems:flower carton garden (4) 
Use the dot markers to decorate all 12 of your coffee filters:flower carton garden (5) 
Staple the leaves to the stems:flower carton garden (6) 
Assemble the flowers:flower carton garden (8)We were going to staple the coffee filters to the stems, but they just flopped over, so we tried wrapping them on with pipecleaners, which worked much better.  Fold the coffee filter in quarters, then twist the bottom point a bit, and attach that part to the top of the stem.

Stick the stems in the play dough-filled egg carton, and fluff out all your coffee filters:flower carton garden (9) 
flower carton garden Aren’t they sweet, all lined up in a row?

These were just what we needed on a gray and gloomy morning!

An egg carton, cut into smaller sections (say a square of 4 sections), would make a super-cute May basket to give away, wouldn’t it?  I wish we’d thought of this sooner, but it is still May!

I’m linking this up to Kids Get Crafty!
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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Oh, these turned out so pretty. What a fun project and nice decoration :)

  2. What a fun way to cheer up a gloomy day! We have lots of the mixed up nasty color playdough... it's just begging for a use.

  3. Oooh very pretty! Love the use of all those different materials - makes it really good fun and the result is perfect!

    Thanks again for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. This is super cute! Never thought of using playdough in an egg carton - what a great idea to make a garden! Those tissue paper flowers are adorable too!



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