Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flower Nomenclature Cards (free printable)

imageI recently made some 3-part flower nomenclature cards for M.  These are very simple, and label only the stem, petals and parts on the inside of a bloom.  I’ve made two cards with the petals highlighted; one is labeled “petals”, and the other is labeled “corolla”, in case you want to be scientific. :)  Personally, we use “petals”.  You can find other sets online that label the leaves and sepals (the little green cup that encases the petals, then cups the bloom”), and other parts too.

But these are free.  Heh. ;)

M just loves 3-part cards – what is it about them?  I really don’t know, but they definitely appeal to him, and he enjoys working with a new set as soon as I have them done.

You can download this set by clicking on the image below:image 

Please remember these are for your personal use (classroom or homeschool) only.  You are welcome to link to this post, but please do not offer this printable on your website.

Enjoy!! :)

Have a beautiful day! :)

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  1. These are awesome! I like these cards too. My kids are vaguely indifferent.


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