Thursday, June 2, 2011

Craft Time – Ascension of the Lord

Today is the 40th day of Easter (which is a 50 day season), and marks the end of the 40 days that Jesus spent on Earth after His resurrection.  This is the day He ascended into heaven! 
This morning M and I read the Bible story about the ascension and then did a quick craft to make it more memorable.  The craft was inspired by this post at Catholic Icing – I just changed it up a little bit.
 june 2011 006Look at the supplies, not the messy art table!
Paper or styrofoam cup, yarn, needle, hole punch, markers, cotton balls, glue, cardstock sun shape, and a small picture of Jesus.  You could use a magazine cutting of Jesus glued to cardstock or find a picture online.  We shrunk a coloring book picture on our scanner and printed it out on cardstock.  You want your Jesus picture to be small enough to “hide” inside the cup.
1. Color your cup blue, and color your sun and picture of Jesus.june 2011 010
2. Glue cotton balls around the top and bottom of your cup.june 2011 012 
3. Punch a hole at the top and bottom of your sun, and a hole above Jesus’ head (we glued on an extra strip of cardstock to the back of Jesus so there was room for a hole above his head).
4. Thread your yarn through the holes in the sun, down through the bottom of the cup (we used an embroidery needle to thread the yarn through the cup), and through the hole above Jesus’ head.   
5. Tie a loop above the sun, large enough to hand on a door knob, if you wish.june 2011 016
6. Tie a knot where the yarn goes through the cup, so it rests on the outside of the cup.june 2011 017
7. Tie a knot through the hole above Jesus.june 2011 015
There you go!  You can pull the sun to make Jesus “rise” into the sky and be hidden behind the clouds:june 2011 021
june 2011 022 
Cute, simple, and fun to play with! :)
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Have a beautiful day! :)

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  1. That does look fun to play with.

    I need to resubscribe to Catholic Icing. I love their Biblical crafts, but I lost track of it at some point.


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