Thursday, February 3, 2011

Preschool Craft – Cardboard Tube People

Silly tube people
We made these silly and fun little guys a few weeks ago, and they’ve been joining us for meals ever since. :)
M actually inspired this craft by drawing  a face on a cardboard tube and sticking a big pom pom on it’s head.  Alas, that little guy has been lost, but when I found some face stickers at Michael’s I knew exactly what we’d use them for.

Supplies:suppliesGlue, pipe cleaners, pencil, buttons, large pom poms, cardboard tubes (toilet paper size), googley eyes, face stickers (or other items to make a face), and construction paper strips cut to half the size of your tubes, and long enough to go all the way around them.

I got the face stickers at Michael’s, but you could also use markers, buttons, and small pom poms for facial features.  We made our large pom poms (for the hair) from yarn. 

Wrap a tube with a piece of construction paper and glue in place:M, beginning his craftiness
Add details to the “shirt” with buttons or a marker, and add your facial features:one person with a "shirt" glued onThe pencil is lying inside the tube to weight it down so it won’t roll while the face and shirt decorations are added.

Wrap a pipe cleaner around the pencil and slide it off.  This makes it “twirly” (and it’s just fun to do):twirl a pipecleaner around a pencil to make arms
Poke holes in the sides of your tube, and stick the pipe cleaners in for arms.  After doing this I realized they would stay in better if we had threaded one long pipe cleaner through both arm holes, then twirled the arms around a pencil.  Our arms kept falling out, so I eventually put a dot of glue on them inside the tube.

Pop on the pom pom hair, and you’ve got some pretty cool tube people:guy #1
guy #2 - dancin' :)
Give ‘em a snack:having a snack        
These guys are so much fun to play with! :)  It is especially hilarious if they run across the table, then lean over to look at the food on your child’s plate, and their “hair” falls out. ;)  Good times!

Have a beautiful and funny day! :)


  1. Love them! :) Great idea - simple and fun! Linking your post in

    PS. Thanks for those letter templates! We used them yesterday with letter P! ;) Linking in my blogger post back to you! :)

  2. This is such a fantastic idea.Definitely going to do this!

  3. Super cute! And the perfect use for those face stickers!

  4. Well these are just as cute as a button! Thanks for sharing a fun idea.


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