Monday, February 7, 2011

Preschool Craft – Valentine Piggy Backs

This was kind of a spur-of-the-moment-craft, but I am so pleased with how cute they turned out, and M loves them!

Supplies:suppliesPipe cleaners, googley eyes, hole punch, pencil, heart stickers, pom poms, glue, and hearts cut from sturdy cardboard (1 large, 1 small for each completed craft); I used pinking shears to cut them out for a bit of extra decoration.  Decoupaging the cardboard with scrapbook paper first, then cutting out the hearts would be super-cute too!

We ended up using a couple of extra supplies too:more supplies A craft stick broken in half, and 2 more small cardboard hearts, one for each finished craft.

Make faces on one big heart and one small heart:glue on faces

Use the googley eyes, pom poms for noses, and the foam heart stickers for lips:glue on faces (2)
Punch holes on the sides of each heart for the arms.  Thread through your pipecleaners, cut to size, then twirl them around a pencil to make them curly.  Sorry there’s no photo of this step, but you’ll see how they look in photos below.

Punch holes in the extra hearts you cut out, big enough for your child’s first two fingers to go through:punch holes for fingers
and attach that heart to the bottom back of your big heart

As you can see in the next couple of pictures, our small hearts on the bottom did not have the finger holes in them at this point.  We ended up having to take them off to punch the holes in them, as it was just too hard to do with it all put together.

Add glue to the back of the big and little hearts that have faces on them, then attach the craft stick to hold them together, little heart guy on top, big heart guy on bottom:glue craft stick onto backs
but not this much glue!
Turn everything over and admire your happy little Piggy Back Valentine People:finished 1
finished 2 Aren’t they sweet?!

And this is what the holes in the bottom heart are for:walk 'em across the table!
Hee hee – lots of fun! :)
I’m linking this up to Kids Get Crafty!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Very cute!! Love how this turned out!

  2. Aaaahhhhh cute! You can't go wrong with some hearts and googly eyes... it will always turn out well! And these guys are cute cute cute!

    Thank you for linking up Kids Get Crafty, really appreciate your visit!


  3. What a super idea!! My little one loves to glue anything. So, this could work for her too! Thanks Kerri

  4. Awww- going piggy bag! What a sweet idea!


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