Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preschool Arts and Crafts – Valentine Suncatcher and Art Box supplies

Suncatcher Craft

Honestly, we are in some sort of suncatcher rut around here.  M loves hanging things in the windows “for the birdies to see”, (never mind that our stinker of a red squirrel has pretty much chased away all the birds and other squirrels – grrr).  But if you search for “suncatcher” or “sun catcher” (because I like variety in my spelling) on my blog I bet you’d get 50 hits.  Or somewhere around 10 or so, maybe.  But it feels like 50.

Anyway, they are pretty, right? :)

For this little craft we used black paper, tissue paper scraps in a few colors, a black marker, scissors, and contact - black paper, tissue paper, scissors, contact paper, marker

I folded the paper several times and drew half hearts on the folds here and there:folded paper with half hearts 

I always love to give M a little scissor practice, and he thinks it is so cool to open up the hearts.M cutting out hearts on folded linesLast year I set out folded scrapbook paper with half hearts drawn on his activity shelves, and he happily sat and cut out about 20 hearts, acting surprised each time. :)  Oh, the joy that was 3 years old.

Cut a piece of contact paper that is slightly smaller than your black paper, and stick it on to the front of your paper.  Flip it over and stick on the tissue paper pieces.placing on the tissue paper pieces 

M wanted purple, but we didn’t have any, so I showed him how to make purple by layering the bright pink with the blue. 

When it’s finished, flip it over to the front, and hang it in a window. :)finished suncatcher (and lots of snow)


ART BOX supplies for Valentine’s Day

Last year, M was still making valentines for everyone he knows well into March. :)  So I decided to get a Valentine Art Box ready for him right away this month.  I don’t really post about his Art Box much anymore, but it is still a significant part of almost every day.

valentine art box (My craft/school supply room is also our exercise room.  So, yes, that is a treadmill that the art box is sitting on.  It’s the most use it’s gotten in months, hee hee.)

I spread everything out to give you a good look:valentine art box suppliesIn the Art Box: paper doilies, markers, regular and craft scissors, buttons, a variety of stamps (including several trucks to “man it up” a bit, hee hee), stamp pads, several patterned papers (the little ones on top are metallic and I cut them into smaller pieces to get more use out of them), watercolor pencils, pom poms, pony beads, glitter foam cut into heart shapes, regular sequins and heart-shaped sequins, googley eyes, foam heart stickers, ribbons and rick-rack cut into small pieces, craft punches, and glitter glue.  There’s also regular white and colored construction paper in the box, as well as glue and watercolor paints.

Let the Valentine-making begin! :)

I’m linking this up to Kids Get Crafty!

Have a beautiful day! :)



  1. I am so ashamed to admit this, but I forgot to plan for my preschool art class this morning. This will fit the bill perfectly. THANK YOU!

  2. Very cute sun catcher! I love his valentine art box :-)

  3. I'm planning on making that type of suncatcher too, hopefully.

  4. I love your suncatcher! And your new Valentine header =)

  5. Oh these turned out so cute! Love how your little guy did the cutting himself. I am trying to persuade my almost 3 yrs old to practice some cutting.. but not yet!

    Lovely craft.

    Thanks for linking up!


  6. I love the art box idea! I'll have to see if I can get around to that soon!

  7. Will the Art Box be making a comeback anytime soon??? I'm missing it!

  8. Leann - I don't currently plan to go back to writing weekly posts for the Art Box, but I do hope to start sharing our seasonal or holiday-themed Art Boxes occasionally. Child-directed art is so important and rewarding - so thank you very much for the encouraging comment!


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