Saturday, February 5, 2011

Preschool / Bible Craft – Shining Our Light

finished candle

Yesterday I wrote about how we are trying to integrate our faith more and more into our every day life as a family.  Occasionally we do little crafts or activities (if I can think of any) to go along with this.   

This weekend, the Sunday scripture reading from the Gospel of Matthew is about how Christians should be salt and light in the world.  (Matthew 5:13-16)

We talked about this a little and then did a fun candle craft.  We’ve done this once before and M loved it.  He’s  been wanting to make another one, and this was the perfect opportunity (especially considering that I just used up a jar of chicken bouillon, the perfect size for a little candle. ;) )

We started off with some tissue paper scraps, our jar, white glue thinned with water, a foam paintbrush, and a small picture of Jesus with His mama, cut from a Christmas card:supplies

I explained to M that this is called decoupaging.  He just loves those big words. :)

Paint on a thin layer of glue, press on tissue paper pieces, then carefully paint another thin layer of glue on top.  Keep doing this until your jar looks “just right” to you:pressing on tissue paper

looks just right

It took some extra glue to get the picture to stick on.  I would suggest using a cutting from a magazine instead of a card, or using generous amounts of double stick tape to put the picture on, then covering it with the thinned glue:add on the picture


When it’s dry, pop in a tea light candle and watch your little light shine. :)

back of finished candlethe back

front of finished candlethe front

We’ve also been singing This Little Light of Mine, using a battery-operated tealight to “hide under a bushel” (his cupped hand) and “blow” out. :)  M really, really loves this!

Have a beautiful day! :)


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