Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Indoor exercise for those long, long, long, loooong winter days

In Minnesota we are used to winter.  This doesn’t mean we like it, but we are used to it.  Some days, like when the wind chill is 30 degrees below zero (fahrenheit), we don’t go outside.  I know that at least 20 minutes outside every day, regardless of the weather, is one of the best things for children.  But seriously, when it’s dangerously cold out and it takes 30 minutes to bundle them up and 30 minutes to unbundle them, not to mention mopping up wet floors and making hot chocolate and etc. etc. etc. – the going outside thing is just not going to happen.

And since this year it’s winter pretty much everywhere, I thought I’d share some great kid exercise cds we’ve found and have been putting to good use lately.

I know that most kids don’t need something structured like this to act wild inside, and get their “exercise”; but after several days inside I’ve found that M needs a little something to get him up off the floor where he’s staring at his trains going around and around and around.  I try telling him to get up and do something!  But inside the house there’s just not as much inspiration for something active to do, like there is outside.  And since I don’t really want him deciding to sled down the basement stairs on his old crib mattress (yep!), these cds come in very handy.

We’ve checked out many from our library, but here are our top 3:

Wiggle Wiggle and Other Exercises, by Bobby Susser.  This is a fun one, with exercises put to song – there’s one for stretching and strengthening your muscles, one for just wiggling to the music, etc.  They are basic, pretty easy, and easy to follow.  M loves the one about Marching in a Circle.

Silly Willy Workout, by Brenda Colgate is probably my favorite, because not only is it super fun, but there’s also a short narration for each song that explains what to do as the song plays.  There’s also a great variety of exercises.  This cd also has the option of listening to the songs without the beginning narration, once you are used to doing them.

Preschool Aerobic Fun, by Georgiana Stewart – this cd has warm up, moderately vigorous, vigorous, and cool down exercises.  Each one is labeled on the cd, so when we don’t have time for the entire cd, I just program our player to play one or two songs for each category so we still get in a warm up, active exercise (which will give you some REAL exercise!), and a cool down.   This one also has instrumental selections like the bunny hop, which is so much fun!

Have a beautiful, energetic day! :)


  1. Although it doesn't get quite that cold here, we use DVDs and CDs for a workout here too! The kids love them!

  2. Those look like the perfect thing to blow off some of Sammy's never ending energy!!

  3. Minnesota huh? As I'm listening to the Little House series I'm not jealous. However, I am jealous that you are in the same state as the fictional Deep Valley-actually Mankato...from Maud Hart Lovelace's books. Have you ever visited? I highly recommend the books!! http://www.betsy-tacysociety.org/visit to see the website.

  4. PS. Funny. If it's 15 degrees or windy (always), I don't like to go out. It's all perspective, I guess.

  5. I am in Minnesota as well....my kiddos and I have spring fever BADLY! Thanks for the suggestions!


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