Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Please keep this in your thoughts and prayers - UPDATE

I published the post below a little over a week ago, and just wanted to give a quick update for those of you who have been praying for John.  His surgery went very well and they were able to remove the entire primary tumor (yay!).  However, the cancer was at one time in almost every single bone in his body (including face and skull), and he will be undergoing another round of chemo within the next week or so.  He'll have radiation at some point in the future also.  And, for the very hard part, the medical team will destroy his bone marrow and then transplant stem cells from his own body that they gathered earlier.  During this time they'll have to be in total isolation for 60 days... with a newborn too!  I can't imagine how difficult this will be on their family, so please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Many of you commented or emailed me asking if there is something you could do.  I'm waiting to hear back from John's mom about this.  There is a bank account set up for donations to help defray costs.  If you are interested in this, email me (tiredneedsleep(at)q(dot)com), and I'll give you the information if I *know* you (ie we've emailed each other before or have been following each others blogs for a while, etc.)

Thanks so much for your prayers, I know they are truly appreciated!

A highschool classmate of mine has a little boy named John, who is 3 years old.  He’s cute, funny, sweet… and he has cancer.  3 years old.  My eyes well up just thinking about it. 
I’ve been following along on their journey as they battle this horrible sickness.  They’ve had to leave their 2 girls in Montana with grandparents while they’ve been in Seattle with John for the past several months as he undergoes some pretty serious treatments.  He’s had 5 rounds (I think) of chemo so far, and has made some good progress, although the chemo itself has taken a toll on him, as you can imagine. 
When they found out he had cancer it was already in stage 4, not good.  Can you imagine your sweet baby this sick?  Or the stress of living apart from family, in a single room of a Ronald McDonald house for months?  Not only this, but his mama (my classmate) is almost 8 months pregnant.
John’s last scan showed some improvement after all the chemo.  And he is scheduled for surgery Monday morning.  The hope is that the tumor is now small enough for the surgeons to get all of it out.
So, if you are a pray-er, and I know many of you are, please keep this little boy in your prayers tonight and tomorrow morning.  I will post again once I have heard how everything went.  Thank you!


  1. Oh my goodness i cant even imagine!!!

  2. Oh this is just heart wrenching. This family will be in our prayers. If I were just a little closer to Seattle, I would offer so many things to the family to help them out.

  3. I've said a prayer. We actually live near Seattle. Is he at Children's Hospital? My sister in law use to work there so if there is anything they need please let me know (kmmiller4@gmail.com) and I'll see what I can do.

  4. We'll definitely be praying for little John and his family! I can't even begin to imagine......Praying the surgery is a success!

  5. Oh no that poor family! I can only imagine the things they are struggling with.

    I'll definitely be praying for them, let us know if there's any way to help.

    Do you know their address? I'd love to send something.

  6. Our family will be keeping John and all of his family in our prayers.

    My heart aches for what this family is going through.

  7. Oh, my - I can't even imagine how awful it must feel to find out something like this! It makes me want to go wake my 3-yr-old up and hug her right now.

    I'll keep little John and his family in my prayers!

  8. oo just seeing this now! Praying for them!! My eyes watered up just reading this.. poor little guy and poor family!


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