Thursday, October 14, 2010

Art Time – Nature Collage


nature collage (3)

This little art project is perfect for a window decoration this time of year! I was thinking of simply finding and gluing objects from nature onto a piece of sturdy cardboard.  M is such a glue guy.  And he wanted to do the whole play-doh collage in an egg carton project again, which was very cool, and very tempting… but then I was reminded of contact paper collages by this post at One Hook Wonder.  They are so easy, and always turn out so lovely with the autumn sunlight shining through.  So that’s what we did!

First, M grabbed his “nature basket” and headed outside to see what he could find:blog sept 056

I made a point of telling him no rocks, and no sticks bigger than a finger.  I wanted to avoid the frustration that would come if he tried to stick something too heavy to the contact paper.  He searched and searched, and mostly found an assortment of leaves (I love the bright red ones!), a couple of dandelions, small pinecones, and one small stick. :)

blog sept 057

He brought everything in and set it on the table while I cut the contact paper.  Ours is roughly 7” x 20”.  If all of your nature items are flat, you can cut 2 pieces and sandwich the items in between.  They are sure to stay put that way.  Since M had some lovely 3-dimensional objects, we chose to just use one piece of contact paper.
blog sept 064
When he was done arranging items and sticking them down, we hung the finished collage in his bedroom window.
  blog sept 066Beautiful. :) 
And this way the birdies can enjoy it too. 
(M is always thinking about birds.  I wonder if he will be an ornithologist?)
It was so much fun, and we realized the next day that we’d missed all the pretty red maple leaves in our front yard, so we made another one!
blog sept 010

Have a beautiful day! :)



  1. What a great idea! His collages turned out great, too!

  2. It's really gorgeous. I like the contact paper idea. jan


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