Monday, October 18, 2010

The Art Box – Oct. 18, 2010

No picture of the Art Box this week.  We all just need to just be ok with that, don’t you think?  ;)

But I do remember what M had in there:  regular tempera paints, watercolor paints, paper, glue, scissors, tape, stickers, markers, some empty ribbon spools, and red and gold glitter glue.  Also, some collage items: pom poms, buttons, googley eyes, confetti, beads, dyed macaroni.  These are the staples we usually go with (except for the glitter glue and ribbon spools), so nothing too exciting!

He is LOVING his new art strings.  All four of them are practically full at this point, and there’s still art taped to the walls in random areas.  Since the purpose of the art strings was to minimize the amount of art randomly taped to the walls throughout the house, I’d have to say they have been a huge failure.

However, did I mention that he LOVES the art strings?  So, my guess is he’s going to be asking for more art strings, and then our house will look like… I don’t know… like the reason why Mama is crazy, I guess.  Sigh.

Anyway – on to what he made this week…

Another birthday present for Daddy (in addition to the collage last week):art box week 4


I sent M packing on his first guilt trip, and asked him why he never makes anything for Mommy, even though I had a birthday last week too.  I made him feel bad and got these two pieces of artwork out of it:

art box Those are hearts!  Cute, no? 
I don’t see any hearts on Daddy’s artwork! Hee Hee.

art box (5)And another heart with a very cute smiley face.  An M for M and an M for Mommy. :)  Now I’m happy.
Although, I’m not sure, but I think he just used scrap paper for mine – see the chunks cut out?

Some art string artwork:

Experimenting with white on red:art box (4)

This is my favorite:art box (3)

The next one is my least favorite.  Can you see the face with a frown on it in the lower left?  That was because Mommy was crabby that day (I asked him about it and that’s what he said!).  You can imagine how awful that made me feel.  However, it does go to prove that he’s able to work out his feelings with his art, and in my mind that’s one of the most important and beneficial things about art in early childhood.  And he was better able to talk about his feelings when referring to the art he’d made.  art box (2)And of course, there was a big lesson for me there too:  I’M A BAD MOMMY.

Oh wait, maybe it’s more like I’LL TRY TO BE A BETTER MOMMY AND GET MORE SLEEP. ;)   

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Have a beautiful day! :)

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  1. I like how they have so much freedom in their art.

    Happy Zzzz's


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