Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Art / Craft Time – Leaf Guys

leaf guys (7)

Last week our planned art project was a flop and I ended up deciding to not even post about it.  The very next day I saw the cutest little leaf people that my (real life) friend Jill made with her 2 oldest kids, and knew right away that we’d have to make these too. :)  I’ve seen this little project on blogs before but for some reason didn’t think M would be interested.

Turns out he’s interested.  After we made the first bunch, pictured in this post, he made more the next day, and the day after that!  This was definitely a big hit and if you’ve never done it with your kiddos, I highly recommend it!

Here’s how I had it set up:oct 2010 085 Sometimes I like to just set up a project and leave it until he notices it and asks, “What are we going to do?!” :)  It’s like a little surprise and makes him more eager to do it.  You’ll need colored paper, a marker for drawing in details, glue, and googley eyes.  M also wanted scissors once we started putting the leaves on the papers, so he could cut off stems or cut leaves in half.

Grab a basket and go outside to find some freshly fallen leaves.  You don’t want crunchy ones that will fall apart when you press them onto the paper.  Also pick dandelions if you see them – they make great earrings or eyes!Enjoy a little fall sunshine while you are at it:leaf guys (5)

leaf guys (6)The weather was just cool enough for him to need his new little mama-made hat with a pom-pom. :) 

Bring your leaves inside and start creating! 

leaf guys (1)

leaf guys (11)

leaf guys (8)

leaf guys        leaf guys (9)

This was so much fun!  I hope you try this with your kids!

Have a beautiful day! :)



  1. These are so sweet. We often make faces with leaves, stones, etc on our large rocks in the backyard. I think my children would really enjoy using some glue and creating people on paper too.

    The hat you made for your gorgeous M is adorable.

    Thank you for posting an update on John. Our family have been keeping John and his family in our prayers and we will continue to diligently pray for this family.

  2. I did this with C's first grade class a few weeks ago and they had a blast. I love M's leaf guys!

  3. oo these turned out great!!

  4. So cute! We just picked up a whole bunch of leaves today....thanks for the inspiration!

    -Mom is the Only Girl

  5. So cute and goes perfectly with the book: Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert


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