Thursday, June 3, 2010

Preschool Corner / Weekly Wrap-Up - Dinosaurs

Goodness, we did our dinosaur theme way back in February, and I am just now getting around to writing about it.  I’m sure I’m not going to remember everything we did.

Some of the activities for this theme were homemade, because I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for online (or anywhere else for that matter) for a reasonable price… meaning free. ;)  My drawing skills leave a lot to be desired, but I am sharing the printables I made anyway, in case they meet a need for someone else, or give a better artist than I an idea of something to make!  I’ve linked to them where appropriate.

I’ve tried to organize the activities by skill set, but many of them overlap, so bear with me!

First, Sensory:
I put together a little rice and noodles sensory bin for M and placed some of his toy dinos in it along with some scoops.  He had fun just playing with pictures 003

Math Skills:
We worked on counting with this printout from Prekinders.  I wrote in the numerals and the dots and M counted them, then matched them up.  blog pictures 001

I also pulled out this dinosaur and egg file folder game that I made a long time ago (from here), for some easy color matching:feb (6)

I turned two boxes into Triceratops and we took turns rolling the die, then feeding our dinos leaves with the tweezers.  The first to run out of leaves was the winner.  M really enjoyed this one!dinos

He was just beginning to show an interest in measuring, so we measured dinosaur bones!  I had him mark the correct answer with a paperclip for fine motor pictures 030

He always enjoys the shape crafts I’ve made for him.  This little Stegosaurus turned out awfully cute. :)  blog pictures 040
And we sorted some little dinosaur cut outs by color:blog pictures 002  
Fine Motor Skills:
M used a q-tip to paint the tiny dots on this page from Making Learning Fun:feb (10)

I printed out some shapes (one is a dino, the others were just for fun) from Preschool Express.  To do this activity, M poked push pins into the cork board along the outlines on each paper.  This is a great workout for that tripod pictures 015

And he did a dinosaur lacing car pictures 052
Sorry I don’t have pictures of the finished work for some of these!

Literacy Skills:
We stamped out big and little letters on these dinosaur sheets from Prekinders.  I put a variety of upper and lower case letters in a pillowcase and we took turns pulling one out then finding it on the pages and stamping it out.  dinos3

And we put together upper and lower case letters on dinosaur puzzles.  I made these and despite the poor artwork, M really enjoyed this.  It was good for working on that mama and baby letter matching as well as reviewing the names of some pictures 041

Art and Poetry:
M used his toy dinos to make some dinosaur footprint art.  Some trucks got in on the action too. :)blog pictures 042

I found a cute dinosaur poem from here and made some little stick puppets to use while we say it.  This is a great poem for working on ordinal pictures 008

I found this very informative, albeit somewhat dry, little book about dinosaurs at Target.  We looked through it and talked about how some dinosaurs were plant eaters and some were meat eaters.  Then we matched up some of M’s toy dinos with the pictures in the book and talked about their long funny names.  It’s so cute to hear him say brachiosaurus and stegosaurus. :)blog pictures 024

The following was not really a science activity, although we did use it to review the names of dinosaurs.  I noticed that M had many sets of matching dinos in his enormous box full of dinos.  So I set some up on one side of the room, and put the matches on the other end.  M had to pick one up and look at it, then set it down and run to the other side of the room to find its match.  This worked on memory skills, matching skills, and was just a good large motor workout.  He loved this! blog pictures 022blog pictures 020 
I found some life cycle cards here, and wanted M to sequence them.  He had a bit of trouble with this so I quickly made some numbered squares for him to use.  Somehow this helped and he was able to describe the sequence perfectly!blog pictures 031

And, last of all, we had fun killing off dinosaurs with molten lava in a volcano. :)  The things I find myself doing (and having fun doing) as the mom of a little boy never cease to amaze me.volcano (2) volcano (1)
Stay tuned for a post about the dinosaur books we loved!

I’ll be linking this post up to Preschool Corner and Weekly Wrap-Up – check them both out for some great activity ideas!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Wow!! Awesome activities Nicole! I love every one!

  2. So many great activities. My dino-obsessed kids love making dinosaur footprints in play dough!

  3. I can see why he had so much fun.
    Oh, my "Diego" timer is almost up, if I want a shower this morning I better get moving.

  4. So many great dino activities ;-)
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. oo what a wonderful dinosaur theme! I love the lacing card and the shape craft!!

  6. Great ideas. I have bookmarked it to do dinosaurs in the fall.

  7. I'm lovin the push pin activity! We'll have to try that! THanks!

  8. Coming via Preschool Corner. Super cute ideas, my boys are total dino lovers too! I also added a couple links to this week's Preschool Corner with printables I have made that are dino themed - a Spanish color matching game and left and right worksheets.

  9. I love the footprint art and the color wheel! My daughters LOVE dinos and I'm hoping to do a fossil search soon!

  10. the molten lava is hilarious! :)

  11. you did an awesome job planning this unit! I will definately use some of your ideas!

  12. Wow! That's a bunch of great ideas, especially for little ones like yours! :)


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