Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Firefly Flashlight Craft!

This was a really fun little craft to make, and the second bug craft we did… M agreed to it (despite the craft strike) because a flashlight is involved.  Flashlights have batteries and anything with a battery is a sure thing with this kid. 

You will need:may  2010 032
A flashlight (find one that has a cord looped through it, or a key ring or something, as this is where you’ll attach the antennae), pipe cleaner, construction paper, marker, scissors, googley eyes, glitter (if you dare), a small container for the glitter (if you dare), and glue.  I ended up hot gluing the eyes onto our firefly to speed things up, although I think if someone had been patient enough for it to dry, regular white glue would have worked.

To begin, I folded our construction paper in half lengthwise and drew a half oval (roughly):may  2010 034

M cut it out and unfolded it to see the oval:may  2010 035

Apply glue in a pretty design all over your oval, which will be the wings:  may  2010 037

I dumped our little pack of gold glitter into a small applesauce container, and M used his fingers to pinch it and sprinkle it onto his firefly’s wings:may  2010 039

While the wings are drying, remove the cord (or key ring, or whatever) from your flashlight, and thread the pipe cleaner through.  Twist it a couple of times so it won’t slip, then twist up the ends of the antennae:may  2010 040

That is not a very clear photo of this step, so here’s a close up of what it should look like at this point:may  2010 041

Put a line of glue down the center of the flashlight and attach to the center fold on the wings, then glue on the eyes:may  2010 044

Finished!  Let it dry, and play with your new firefly!may  2010 047
This would be pretty with lots of different colors for the glitter, don’t you think?  This mama was only brave enough to use one color this time. :)

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. oh very cute, my kids love torches, they would have a blast with this. :)

  2. cute idea! your son is getting so big! :)

  3. Very cute! What a fun craft!


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