Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Click Beetle Craft… and he flips!

click beetle craftThere are about 1000 awesome bug crafts that I’ve come across online in the past few weeks, and of course M has decided to go on another craft strike.   Oh, that kid.  He said to me, “I like to do art, but only when I can do my own thing!” 

He is throwing my own philosophy of art (for small children) back in my face, isn’t he?  Apparently, he doesn’t understand that crafts are cute and if Mama wants to do one, philosophy can fly out the window.  ;)

Ah well, of the many buggy crafts I was hoping to do, only two of them were interesting enough for him to agree to.  The first is this click beetle that I’ve seen around quite a bit, but think I first found at Prekinders.

You will need:click beetle craft (1)Fun foam or cardstock, glue, a spring-type clothespin, googley eyes, a pom pom, dot stickers, a marker, and scissors.

I drew two wings on the fun foam and M cut them out:click beetle craft (2)
click beetle craft (3)

Next, he decorated them with the dot stickers.  If you use cardstock instead, you could use dot painters for this part; I’m not sure how the painters would work on the foam.click beetle craft (4)

Glue the upper corners of the wings onto the clothespin, like this, kind of:click beetle craft (5)

Glue on the pom pom head, then add the eyes onto the pom pom.click beetle craft (6)
click beetle craft (7)
Finished!  And isn’t the little guy cute?  The best part is this – after the glue has dried, press down on his tail (the end of the clothespin), let go, and he will flip or jump for you, making a satisfying “click” sound at the same time. :)

Note: if we do this again, I’d use cardstock instead of the fun foam.  The wings have to overlap a bit and when we used regular white glue the top wing didn’t stay put very well.  I ended up hot gluing it on.

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. oo that turned out super cute! Glad you could convince him to do one :-)

  2. That turned out so cute, I'm sure Batman would have a blast making his own version that looks nothing like mine.

  3. This is a great craft. M's independence cracks me up. When I plan crafts, I usually print a page with several finished pictures of them together, and then Anna can choose what she wants. If I just approach her with one, she is almost never interested. Of course, that means that I have to setup the craft on the fly, but at least we get some "structured art" done.


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