Monday, June 14, 2010

The Art Box – June 14, 2010

Another week of letting M choose his own art box supplies… I am going to have to limit him to 4 or 5 items per drawer (so 8 to 10 items total) I think, because he just grabs and grabs and grabs, and it ends up looking like this:may  2010 055And honestly, I’m not sure what all was there!   He was a busy, busy boy!

He was in love with the little sticker roll he’s holding in the above picture.  He called it his “sticker machine” and used up the entire 200 stickers.  Yep.  200.  Thankfully I’ve had them for ages, not knowing what to do with them, and they only cost $1.00.

I’ve been thinking of ending my little Art Box series on here because, really, how interesting is it (to someone other than Mama) to see hundreds of paintings and collages made by a 3 year old?  And interest in the link-up seems to have waned (which is fine, I’m just sayin’)… but I realized what  wonderful memories of this time I have from these posts.  M has been nothing if not a creative and artistic little guy; I remember when he was 1 year old and hopping mad about something (who knows what) and after crying and screaming about it, all he wanted was “paint!”  “red!”  :)  He expresses himself so easily with art, and I love looking through his artwork and seeing how he’s progressed. 

Also, I have to say, it’s soooo much easier for me to pitch a bunch of it in the recycling knowing that I’ve got photos of it on here!  ;)

Speaking of recycling, sometimes it irks me a bit when he uses entire sheets of foam in a collage, like this:may  2010 068 or those perfectly good pipecleaners, or whatever.  I must say if it’s not a work of art that we intend to keep I eventually strip it of all useful and reusable items before tossing it.  He has no idea how many times he’s used those buttons and craft eyes, etc.

So, on to business…

This week he made the following masterpieces -

Glitter, macaroni, eyes, and buttons:may  2010 061

Tissue paper circles:  may  2010 063

Sparkly pens, flat marbles, buttons, colored glass pieces, shells, pasta, eyes, oh my:may  2010 065

And he tried out some new stencils with his dot markers:may  2010 062

I think he’s leaving the painting phase he was in forever and entering into some new and glorious collage phase. :)

Thoughts or opinions about continuing to make this a linky?  Let me know in the comments!  I’m fine with these posts being  just for my memories, with the hope that others will get ideas of what to supply their preschoolers with.

If you do have a post you’d like to link up… it’s below!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Please don't stop the link up or the posts! In a few weeks our new atelier will be finished and we'd love to join you. Also, I kinda like seeing your kids art, maybe I should show my son when we've a proper workspace, he could become inspired from it :)

  2. I like the linky, even if I hardly ever participate. And I really liked those last two pieces M made!

  3. It's was your McLinky that pushed me to (finally) put together an art box this week! I hope you keep it going. I'll be linking up in the next couple of days :)

  4. I love the linky too, and I love to read about M's masterpieces. It always amuses me to read what he is up to and what he chooses to put in his art box, and it also gives me ideas. I hope you will keep these series going, and we will surely join you when Anna decides that she actually want to craft anything at all.

  5. I love the idea to use dot markers with the stencils!

  6. I just found your linky! And we do art everyday here at Child Central Station! I'll be participating and looking at all of the other ideas you have out here! I'm rather new to the blog world. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I like the linky like everyone else has said. I just don't participate as often as I want to. Mainly because I don't do super good at doing open ended art........ Now other types of art, yes all the time, but not so much open ended. I try to.

    And I'm with you on "wasting" precious art supplies. I regularly hide the pipe cleaners or I'd never have any to use for projects I've planned them for. They'd become traps or monsters, or who knows what.

  8. I love seeing your kid's creative masterpieces! It also reminds to post my son's artwork that isn't a particular theme, etc. :)


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