Monday, June 7, 2010

The Art Box – June 7, 2010

I’ve been doing some major reorganizing around our home lately (more posts on this soon!), and, while rearranging my craft stash, I set up two drawers of one cart for Art Box items. 
Now, once a week, M and I go down to our exercise / hobby room and I let him choose items from those two drawers to put in his Art Box for the week.  This has really renewed his interest and enthusiasm for his Art Box!
I keep the basics – glue, scissors, paint brushes, etc.  out for him, and he adds in the *fun* stuff – tubes, yarn, buttons, eyes, scrap paper, pipe cleaners, etc.  He really has fun choosing things and has ended up making some very interesting and 3-dimensional art…
A  collage made from a cork, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and a peanut butter lid:  may  2010 001
A collage for Grandpa (who was absolutely delighted to receive it) made from stamps, glitter, another peanut butter lid (lol), and some scrap felt pieces that M said looked like raviolis:
may  2010 002  
And yet another collage made with paint, scrapbook paper, another lid, a craft stick, pom poms, and buttons.  Whew.
may  2010 019 
A painting made with the roller, which is always a hit:
may  2010 020
A finger painting, the first one he’s done in ages:
may  2010 021
And, finally, a colored pasta and pipe cleaner collage:
may  2010 022
Creativity has been running rampant around here lately, which makes for a very happy mama!
Have some kids’ artwork you’d like to share?  Link up below!  Make sure to link back here  somewhere in your post
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I bet he's having so much fun at your house. Really, I don't think I've told you that before, but you deserve to hear it. It's great of you to let him just pick the art supplies.

  2. love all of the collages :-)

  3. M is just a lil Picasso! He created some really beautiful things this week. :)

    And how fun you've included a linky party... I'll be adding my current post to the list. Thanks!

    Counting Coconuts

  4. I love the projects with lids - how creative. I think you are very clever in getting him to be interested in his art box again. He creates great art on his own.


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