Saturday, June 5, 2010

Books of the Week – June 5, 2010

We have been reading so many good, good, GOOD books lately!  M and I (and Daddy too!) just love all the ones in the carousel above, so please check them out. 

It was hard to decide on just a couple to talk more about (I usually try to just write about 2 books in detail, since I tend to be wordy… ).  And I decided to go with the two that M has been requesting almost daily over the past two weeks.

First, Encore for Eleanor, by Bill Peet.  image Peet has become one of our very favorite authors.  This is a cute story about a circus elephant who falls from her stilts one day and is sent to spend the rest of her days at the zoo.  Poor Eleanor – she is so talented, but what can she do at a zoo?  Everyone stares at her and she stares back, and finally decides to hide in her zoo barn.  Thanks to a teenage girl who visits the zoo, Eleanor discovers a new talent and happily becomes a performing elephant again.  M loves this book so much, I think we are going to make some stilts like Ticia’s to go along with this book.  (I know… I said I was going to make them immediately after you wrote that post, Ticia, but you should know nothing ever gets done that quickly around here.)

Secondly, Farmer Dale’s Red Pickup Truck, by Lisa Wheeler.imageWheeler is quickly becoming one of our favorite authors too.  In fact, this story is also about animals with interesting talents.  The story is in rhyme and it’s very well done, which is always important to me.  There is nothing worse than a rhyming story with a rhythm that doesn’t work, or words that don’t really rhyme.  Sweet-tempered farmer Dale picks up several animals on the way to a talent show in town; they end up being too much of a load and the old truck breaks down.  The sheep picks on the cow, the cow bosses everyone around, the pig is sort of whiney… it’s actually a pretty funny story.  I love when the cow is steering while Dale pushes and when he says, “ turn the key”  the sheep says, “He can’t, he’s got no h-a-a-a-nds”.  Cracks me up every time! :)  They actually learn a lesson about working together by the end of the story, but that’s almost eclipsed by just how much fun this book is.

For more reviews of children’s books, check out Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns and Feed Me Books Friday.

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. this elephant book looks so fun for summer, I have never seen it...

  2. I'm not that prompt either, as should be evident by how long it takes me to mail stuff (the secret reason I don't host lots of giveaways or open an Etsy shop, I'd never get all that stuff mailed).

    Those both look so cute.

  3. Your second pick looks like it would be a kick to read!

  4. Both books sound very interesting. I am going to look for the second one especially and see if it is one Selena would enjoy.

    Thank you for linking up this week!

  5. Ha! No Haaaaands! I've got to get these. These are so my style:) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Both your picks are not familiar to us and the second looks particularly interested. I am with you - I don't like stories that don't rhyme - it's one of my pet peeves about some of the books we read.


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