Friday, April 23, 2010

Bird Craft #1

One of our little bird-themed activities was this shapes bird craft.  I cut out a few shapes (large oval, circle, heart, triangle, 2 tiny rectangles), and had them waiting on the table for M one morning.  blog pictures 031I quickly drew a picture for him to use as a guide, and added some foam stickers, a googley eye, and some decorating options (watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, glitter glue).

You know once he saw the glitter glue he was all over this, right?  :)  Mmmm… sparkly…

As he put his little bird together I guided him by naming a shape for him to pick out, asking him where that shape was on the picture I had drawn, and then talking about that particular part of the bird.  This was a more mama-led activity than most of our crafts, but I wanted a little shape reviewing, and I used it to talk about the parts of a bird.  They have wings, not arms; a beak or bill instead of a nose and mouth; feathers  instead of bare skin or fur, etc.  I was sneaking in a little biology. ;)
blog pictures 003
After he glued everything in place the decorating began!  Of course he went straight for the glitter glue first, then used a couple of the watercolor pencils (although he did not actually paint over them with water), then used q-tips in the watercolor paints to fill in some areas.  blog pictures 030
I just love how this little birdie turned out. :)  M named him “Easter Bird”.   He sure is a colorful one!

I made a template of the shapes we used, although it would be simple to do without them.  If you are interested you can download it here.

It would be neat to use feathers to decorate this little bird, but I. can. not. stand. feathers.  Uggh, the mess they make!  M can use feathers at Grandma’s house, hee hee.

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. What a neat craft! I am with you on feathers - only glitter makes more mess. I love how you drew this bird for him - I might try the same craft here too, since our glue strike ended peacefully :)

  2. His Easter Bird looks so cute! We may have to try a craft like this.

  3. very cute! will have to try this!


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