Saturday, April 24, 2010

Books of the Week – Don Freeman

imageM has named Corduroy, by Don Freeman as his favorite book since we first read it almost 2 years ago.   I’m sure everyone reading this knows about Corduroy, the bear with the missing button, who wants to find a home and a friend.  He is very loveable. :)
imageRecently we picked up Dandelion at the library.  We both enjoyed this book about being authentic and not worrying too much about appearances.  “Be who you are” books are always a big hit around here. :)  I didn’t realize until later that it was also written by Don Freeman!

imageThen Vanessa, over at  Silly Eagle Books mentioned Beady Bear, also by Don Freeman in this blog post.   Of course we had to find it!  It’s an adorable story of another toy bear and his silly experiment in living like a real bear.

We were having such luck with Freeman’s books that I looked online and put another one of his books on hold for us – Earl the Squirrel.  We read it this past week.  Without a doubt, this one is my favorite Don Freeman book (of what we’ve read so far).  Earl is spoiled by a little girl named Jill and has no idea how to get his own acorns, which irks his mama to no end.  Eventually he ends up getting some acorns on his own in a very unusual way.  It’s just a cute, funny story.  And well, who wouldn’t love a squirrel named Earl, right? :)

For more book reviews, check out Natalie’s blog carnival at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns!
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I love these books! Dandelion is a childhood favorite. Thanks for reminding me about it.

  2. That's so funny - when we read Dandelion, this week, I didn't put it together at all, that it was the author of Corduroy. We love Corduroy, too :)

  3. All these books look like ones I am going to have to look into. They sound like books that Selena would enjoy.

  4. Thanks for joining WMCIR. I didn't know that Freeman had so many other good books. I will make sure to try and find them in our library.

  5. We read Corduroy this week, too. He's so sweet!

  6. I forgot about the Corduroy Book! It used to be one of my favorites!

  7. So glad you found Beady Bear and Earl the Squirrel is one of my favorites, too. You'll have to look for a copy of There's a Canary in the Library--it's my very favorite of his books (of the ones we've read so far.) Juliet really loves A Pocket for Corduroy, too.

  8. We love Don Freeman too! We must have read Dandelion a million times when he had it from the library. We love Earl the Squirrel, too, and we own Corduroy and read it often.There's another called Norman the Doorman, I think, about a mouse who lives in an art museum.
    Since you guys seem to love all the same books we do, have you come across David McPhail yet? (I think it's David, I know it's McPhail). He is our current favorite. There are tons of them, all very different, but we love them all.


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