Saturday, April 10, 2010

Books of the Week – April 10, 2010


Creaky Old House, by Linda Ashman
image This is a super fun book to read.  It’s got rhyming, humor, great pictures to examine… everything.   We all love this book.  It was just a random find at the library, but I’m so glad we brought it home.  If you have a less than perfect house that is just fine the way it is because it’s lived in, I think you’ll enjoy this one.  M picks it every day and I’m always glad to see it in the pile. :)

Rabbits and Raindrops, by Jim Arnosky
imageI highly recommend anything written by Jim Arnosky – his illustrations of wildlife and nature never disappoint and I always find his writing soothing, calming… just beautiful.  This was the first time we’ve read this particular book and it’s lovely… little bunnies get out of a rainstorm by huddling up under some overhanging leaves.  Soon a hummingbird, butterfly and other small creatures join them there.   Honestly, sometimes I’m glad I have a 3 year old just so I can read books like this!  Oh, and M recommends it too. :)
Check out Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns for more book recommendations!
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I'm with you on Jim Arnosky.

  2. Both of these sound great. I think we're the perfect household to enjoy that first one!

  3. We read only a couple of books by Arnosky so far, and Anna was kind of lukewarm on them, but she is not necessarily into animals. But I put this one on my request list, because it sounds so lovely. Thanks for joining and sharing your picks!

  4. I've already got Rabbits and Raindrops on hold at the library, but I'm going to have to go back to look for the house book - it sounds charming.

  5. Creaky Old House sounds like such a fun book! :)


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