Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Craft Time! Paper Plate Bunny

blog pictures 050 You can read about our other bunny activities and bunny books here and here.

M loves paper plate crafts.  And gluing cotton.  So I knew this would be a winner. :)

Materials:blog pictures 039 Cotton balls, glue, 2 large green buttons, 2 small pink buttons, pink pipecleaner shaped into bunny mouth, pink pom-pom, pink construction paper with ears drawn as well as 4 to 6 straight lines for whiskers, and scissors (not pictured).

1. Cut out the whiskers.blog pictures 040For some reason M thought he was supposed to cut between the black lines instead of along them.  So, while I intended to have 6 whiskers, we ended up with 5 and only used 4.  I actually liked how they looked with the black line down the center.  While he did this I cut out the ears.

2. Glue on the ears, pom-pom nose, and pipecleaner mouth:blog pictures 041


3. Start pulling the cotton balls apart to make them fluffy, then glue them on around the paper plate:blog pictures 045 

4. Glue on the green buttons for eyes:blog pictures 044


5.Fan fold the whiskers, or if you can’t, then simply scrunch them up, straighten them back out, and glue them on:blog pictures 047


6. Glue the pink buttons on top of the green buttons: blog pictures 046 

7. Fill in the empty spots with more cotton:

blog pictures 048


8. Hang up your bunny and enjoy! blog pictures 057

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Very cute - and it looks like Matthew did most of it - perfect craft for his age.

  2. I've had similar happen with some girls I was teaching to sew. Her monkey ended up with very narrow legs.


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