Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Preschool Corner – April 4, 2010

M is 3.5 years old.
This is my first post for Preschool Corner; how weird is it that I’m totally excited about that? :)

This past week we had unbelievably gorgeous spring weather, and had a relaxed week just spending time outside and enjoying being together. M was still recovering from his pneumonia, but by the end of the week he was totally back to himself, which made for a very relieved mama!
We’ve been doing a lot of dinosaur-themed activities lately, and I hope to put all of it in a single post sometime soon. For today though, here are some of the other things we’ve been up to…

We had such beautiful weather this week, and our first picnic in the backyard!pc
M has been able to spend time outside each day, and has spent a lot of it doing this:blog pictures 048 Ack, the photo is horribly blurry, but he keeps pulling extremely heavy logs off our woodpile, dragging them to the patio and then chopping the bark off of them with his little plastic axe. :) All our wood looks naked. :)

This was on M’s activity shelves and he got it out every day… it’s the hammering shapes set from Oriental Trading. This is a “castle at night with the moon in the sky, but the sun is coming up because it’s almost morning”:pc (10)
The beloved Spiderman slippers were washed and came out full of lint. This bothered M to no end, so I gave him the lint roller and he learned how to use it!blog pictures 037
He cut these Letter N pictures out and made a collage with them.pc (12)
On our recent car trip I brought some workbooks along with us to give him something to do in the car. I’m not a huge fan of worksheets, but M loved them and can’t get enough. Here he is cutting out rhyming pictures and using tape (his new love) to put the rhyming pairs next to each pictures 049
He did almost every letter in his homemade Build-a-Letter kit (also out on his shelves all week): pc (11)
I put together a sensory bin full of only soft things for M this week. It had squares of fleece, feathers, pom-poms, cotton balls, and squares of velvet. I added in some plastic eggs to use for scoops and some plastic salad tongs, a new thing for M (the kind that have a fork and spoon that move together). Here he is first taking a look at it:pc (1)
The salad tongs were a big hit! He started using them right away:
pc (2)
The next time I looked, this is what I saw:
pc (4)This was a lot of fun for him. He found that he could blow the pom poms and feathers around the room and he did so for close to 30 minutes! He said “I’m just like the wind, Mommy!” :) He spent time tossing the feathers in the air and watching them float down from various heights. He also just sat and examined each soft thing, occasionally rubbing it on his cheek (so sweet!).

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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Thanks for linking up with us Nicole {and I don't think you are crazy for being excited!}.

    Love those 'build a letters'!

  2. We need to get out the hammering shapes I ordered for them. They're going to love them.
    My kids would be jealous of your woodpile. For some strange reason there's not as much need for them down here in Texas as you have up there......

  3. Great week! Welcome to Preschool Corner (what a big boy!).

  4. How exciting that you are joining Preschool Corner! Welcome! OK, I am so going to convince Lars that we NEED those hammering shapes. I think Anna is going to love them too. She must be the only child who has so very little interest in the worksheets. I hope it changes by the time she actually have to do them in K.

  5. I love that last picture! It looks like great fun!


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