Sunday, April 18, 2010

Preschool Corner - Bunnies

M is 3.5 years old.
This week we had an impromptu bunny theme going on.  You can see the many (very good!) bunny books we read in this post.    

I created an indoor hopscotch on an old roller shade:blog pictures 065
M loved this.  L-O-V-E-D it. :)  We had a couple of rainy days and it was the perfect game to play inside.  He’s actually gotten very good at hopping in the past week.  Just like a bunny! ;)  This was a fabulous gross motor skill workout – for both of us!  It also is a good help for number recognition.

After we played this a few times, he decided to get out our buttons and count them out onto the squares:blog pictures 066
By the way, he really doesn’t wear jammies all day, every day.  You wouldn’t know that from reading this blog though (sigh).

We sorted these “If-Then” cards for The Runaway Bunny: image I found these in a lapbook file at Homeschool Share.
And this counting, cut and paste worksheet from Bry-Back Manor:
blog pictures 061
We also did a leftover Easter activity – a matching egg designs game:Dc28 I believe this was originally intended to be a file folder game.  I’ve had this for at least a year if not longer, and think I originally found it at Childcareland (check out the free printables there!).  This time I gave all the mats and all the eggs to M at once so he had to sort through everything to find the right matches.  He did great of course, and most likely this won’t be coming out again.

Other activities this week…

Playing Bingo:blog pictures 029
And lots of fine motor work, like sharpening crayons:blog pictures 005
Sewing yarn through a foam tray:blog pictures 017
Lacing beads (and drinking a smoothie):blog pictures 026
Putting together elaborate Kid K’nex structures:k'nex
Punching holes in foam strips:hole punching (2)Sorry the photo above is blurry.  I wanted to share this activity anyway because it was definitely a favorite!

And I put together this little cardboard rectangle and ponytail holder activity.  He really enjoyed doing this also (no action shot, sorry!).  Work those little hand muscles by stretching the elastic bands over the cardboard and pushing them down.  This would be fun patterning work too!  This idea came from Nicole at Mama to 3 Blessings.  She used a star shape; she’s much less lazy than I. ;)blog pictures 031  
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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Great activities!
    I think I'll dothe bunny ones with my daughter Maya, as she loves animal-oriented activities very much...

  2. I love the window shade hopscotch activity. The other activities ae great too.

  3. my little ones are fascinated by hop scotch right now. I love that you made an indoor version of this. We tried it on the driveway but that didn't go so well.

  4. LOVE the If/Then cards and the sewing through a foam tray activity! I'll have to try that with James some day soon!

  5. Fantastic activities!! SO fun :)

  6. Princess got a hopscotch set for her birthday and all of my kids love it, even if it is pink and girly.
    I'm thinking my kids might be trying the sewing through foam soon, they'd love it I'm sure.

  7. Oh, and I just thought of this, but the sewing through foam could be a great car trip activity! Okay, time to start saving up foam containers.

  8. What a great week! LOVE the hopscotch! Your not lazy! I think the rectangle idea vs. my star is much easier for their little hands! Thank you for sharing! Have a GREAT week! :)

  9. Great week - I especially loved the hopscotch. I admit that I don't remember how to play it - probably it's time to start brushing up on those games. I also loved the idea of cardboard with rubber bands - we have lots of them, they are just not in Anna's hair.


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