Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tot School – Feb. 28, 2010


We took it very easy with school this past week.  I just brought out some random things that were easy for me to put together for M.  He is very into elaborate pretend play now and I’m trying to give him plenty of time for that.  If he’s involved in something like that during the only time I have free for a little school, well then no school.  I’m totally ok with that, although I have to work hard not to compare myself with other mommies out there.

So, in no particular order this week, here’s what we did (no action shots)…

A corkboard and push pins to outline the little pictures with.  I had several of these left over from the last time this activity was out.  He really enjoys this one!feb (5)


Our newest puzzle from our toy lending libary:

blog pictures 025


Pegboard game with shapes, also from the toy library:



A new puzzle from mama (I’ve got scads of these stashed around the house; he just loves a new puzzle challenge).

feb (3)


The good old Lite Brite, which is always fun.  He likes to pull the shades in his room, close the door and get it as dark as possible when he plays with this:feb (4)


Our foam puzzles – numbers and ABCs.  He still likes to hammer these guys in with his little wooden hammer!feb (7)


The first thing he goes for every week is his letter cutting/collage page.  He did S this week:feb (1)


The sand tray and his soft pipecleaner letters.  feb (2)


And, he checks his little sprouts every single morning.  It’s looking like we are going to have lots of shamrocks and forget-me-nots.  We’ve been counting them and he’s so good about taking care of them.  I really need to thin them out, but they are like his babies, so I’m not sure exactly how to go about doing that. :)blog pictures 028


I know we’ve done a lot more than this, but if I don’t take a picture of it I just can’t remember anything.   Actually, that’s true about a lot of things, not just tot school! :)

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Have a beautiful day! )


  1. I definitely hear you on not having taken a picture= total memory loss of the activity/event. I couldn't find my camera one day and therefore, took no pictures. I know that we DID stuff that day, but what did we do?! Ha!

    How often does Matthew play with the Lite Brite? Would you recommend it? I remember playing with one when I was younger, and I liked it. I'm really trying to streamline Maddie's things but I think she might really like one of these.

    Anyway, great week, as always! :)

  2. SO funny how attached he is to his plants. You just need to explain that in order for the others to grow up to be big and strong you need to pull out some of the smaller ones. I wish we had a toy lending lib but we don't. Lucky girl.

  3. It sounds like you got plenty done this week in Tot school. I, on the other hand, really need to step it up!

    As always, you give me great ideas and inspiration:)

  4. I'm with you,it's hard to not compare yourself to what other moms are doing with their kids. But, he's young enough it's good to give him time to play like that. My kids often crack me up with their imaginative play. They're really hilarious.

  5. Jill, M really likes the lite brite, and plays with it when he remembers it and asks for it or I put it out for him. The little pegs could drive a person nuts since they tend to make their way all over the house. Also, I wish they'd put more blank papers in the sets. We only had 2 or 3 blank pieces, the others all have designs to follow. While I think he'll really enjoy doing that someday, I'm not sure he's ready for it yet and so I've just let him use the patterned papers however he wants. I do think Maddie would enjoy it, she likes her pegboard so much, and the glowing pegs add a lot of fun. (A real email is coming, I just wanted to respond here in case any one else was wondering the same thing.)

  6. I think your pipecleaner/sand letters are very interesting. How exactly does your little one use them? Do you trace the letter with your finger and then trace it in the sand? We are starting with some prewriting skills and this might be helpful for us! Thanks.

  7. Susan,
    Yes, he picks a letter and traces it with his finger, then tries to make it in the sand. We had some sandpaper letters that were too rough for him and he didn't want anything to do with them. I have to say I didn't like how they felt either. I simply hotglued pipecleaners onto cardstock to make the ones we use now. We also use the sand to draw shapes and sometimes he just doodles with his finger in it. :)

  8. My son is also very interested in elaborate pretend play right now. It is hard to do other activities...last week I was happy if we could do one or two other things each day.

    I love the sprouts! I need to plant something with my son this year. Last year he helped me with giant sunflowers outside, but I think he would really love having his own little plant in a pot!

  9. What a wonderful week! You are so right about the not interrupting imaginative play.. Kids learn so much through play! I love the letter collage :-)

  10. You are so right in letting M's imaginative play take precedence over any "lessons" that you had in mind. This imaginative time is so priceless, especially if you consider years and years of schooling ahead. I am so jealous of your lending library!

  11. I love reading your blog because somehow I'm both impressed and inspired by your activities AND not totally intimidated comparing myself. Not many people are able to do that with a blog! A lot of blogs with really great activities can also be a little much, to the point that I'll admit I don't always like reading them because I feel bad. But, I don't know how to explain why, you are able to have tons of great ideas and activities AND keep things realistic and positive. Go you!


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