Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunday School on Friday – The Tower of Babel

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Last summer we were doing Bible story activities somewhat sporadically and in no particular order.  However, now we’ve started with creation and we are going through our children’s Bible chronologically.  This means we are reviewing some of the same stories we talked about last year (which is important to do!).  We recently read about Noah and the ark again, and it is such a good story that I was tempted to make this the focus of our next set of activities.  However, M was really interested in the tower of Babel story, so that won out.  You can see what we did last year for Noah’s Ark here.

We began by talking about how the people were building a tower intended to reach all the way to heaven and why this displeased God.  God does not want us to attempt to gain heaven by our own efforts, but wants us to have a relationship with him, and trust in his care for us.

First, we discussed how we are able to work together because we can talk to each other and understand each other.  We discussed foreign languages and M really took interest in this.  It’s not the first time he’s been exposed to the idea of a language other than English (really, living near a large city, that would be pretty impossible), but it was the first time he really showed an interest.

M learned to say “hello” and “goodbye” in Spanish, German, and French.  We listened to some part-English / part-German children’s songs on Youtube and he was able to tell me when they were singing in German.
I found a tower picture here, and printed it in a few different pictures 044   M size sequenced them out and we talked about small and large, and smallest and largest.  He already knows this, but it’s always fun to review.

I gave him a coloring page of the tower and had printed some numbers on it, hoping to introduce him to the idea of coloring by number.  He only colored the numbers. :)blog pictures 064I told him he did a great job and he said, “but it was pretty hard to do, Mommy, because the numbers are so small!”  Hee hee. 

We also played a tower-building game with his mega-blocks and a number cube.  We took turns rolling the die, and then adding that many blocks to our towers.tower of babel block gameWhoever’s tower fell first lost.  It was fun to see M learn after a couple of times that he needed a “turdy” (lol, that means “sturdy”) foundation to keep his tower from falling.

All in all it was fun and we both learned a little bit.   M is still in a no-photos phase, so that makes for some pretty boring posts.  I’m thinking about having him take the pics while I pose; that should liven things up a bit! :)

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. What fun activities! My M does the exact same thing, only coloring the number and not the whole shape!

  2. Oh how fun!

    We did the Tower of Babel last month.

  3. LOL can't wait to see you in the pics fromnow on then hehehe.

    I do like how you are working chronologically, for me it just seems to make sense to start at the beginning doesn't it.

  4. This is a really fun unit! Where or where did you find part German songs - please share. And I liked how you did a fun game with some math twist - we love tower building here too!

  5. I like your Babel activities, and great parallel of how God wants us to reach Him!

  6. Great ideas! Thanks for the link! I think I will use it along with Carisa's Tower of Babel stuff on 1+1+1=1.


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