Monday, February 22, 2010

The Art Box – Feb. 22, 2010


I am not really here.  I’m still on break, but here’s the MckLinky for all of your little artists out there! 


  1. Hope you are having a great break!

  2. Ok I've been missing out on the fun for too long. My goal this week is to make an art box for B. Remind you have it sitting out for the week or just bring out the box when you are ready to do some art?
    Hope you are having a relaxing break!

  3. Finally got my act together and got some pictures of her artwork! I"m glad to finally get to join in on the art box fun. ;)

  4. I completely forgot to post about our art box this week! Whoops! I'll link up tomorrow as I've already posted twice today. I'll save the art box for tomorrow. :-) Hope you're enjoying your time off!


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