Monday, September 27, 2010

Malware Warnings

A few of you have emailed me or left comments saying you’ve received malware warnings when trying to leave a comment or download one of my printables.  I just found out that this was caused by a blog roll link I had in the sidebar of my blog., which was the site from which the coding came, apparently had a blog connected with it that did have malware, and somehow this caused other blogs with coding from to give that same warning.  Whew.  Are you following me so far??

Anyway, all connections between and my blog have been deleted, and I no longer have the blog roll on my sidebar.  Things should be just fine now!  There’s no malware connected to this blog or the downloads I’ve offered. 

Thanks to those of you kind enough to bring this to my attention.  I wasn’t sure what was causing the problem until I read this post by Angie at Catholic Mothers Online.  It was awfully nice of her to figure the problem out! :)  Thanks, Angie!



  1. I'm happy to visit again and glad you had some help in figuring out that problem!

  2. I was one of the people getting a warning every time I visited. Didn't stop me though ;) But yes, it has now failed to appear, yay!

  3. Glad you got that worked out I've had that problem on your site and a couple of others and would say I wanted to go through anyways, but was a little leery to do so.

  4. thats pretty crazy! Glad your downloads and all were fine :-)


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