Monday, September 27, 2010

The Art Box – 9-27-10


It feels good to have The Art Box back!  Although a break is always nice too. :)

M did random art here, there, and everywhere over the summer – wherever the mood would strike and with whatever was available.  It’s been a few weeks since the actual art box has been replenished, so I thought I’d share a few of his summer creations with you this week.

These are a couple of things that he did completely on his own from the beginning of an idea to the completion of the project.  All I had to do was find and give him what he told me he needed.

A collage of Daddy, done one day when Dad had on a melon-colored shirt:aug 2010 039
I love the hair on top and how his eyes are on his “shirt”.  What I really loved though was what M said when he showed it to my husband - “This is your hair, and this is your pink dress.”  Hee hee.  I like your pink dress, Daddy. ;)

One day I was laminating some colored papers and then cut off the margins, which left little laminated strips.  I asked M if he wanted them for anything and he took them.  Here’s what he did (in our camper):aug 2010 042
aug 2010 044The boy adores tape.  I thought it was pretty cool and loved all the “bridges” he made.  He made several of these on various colored papers.

We always love it when my artsy-craftsy niece visits, which happened a few times over the summer.  I’ve shown the day they painted outside.  Here’s some inside art they enjoyed creating:

sara visits (2)
sara visits Cousin S made some pretty art with interesting details.  M – well, he glued craft sticks to paper.  Over and over again.  What a goofball.

If you have a kid's art post, link it up below! Be sure to link back here somewhere in your post.

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. My kids are all about tape, too. Last week Emma cut up grocery ads and taped them all over the front door...

  2. I love the massive amounts of popsicle sticks he used, very amusing.

  3. oo look at all of those fun projects! The one of Daddy is great!

  4. My son watched the Myth-busters episode about duct tape and has been fascinated by tape ever since. I need to buy stock in scotch tape.

  5. Fun stuff! I love the one of daddy! I need to take some pictures and get a post up. We do have some art to share...finally.

  6. Tape is a popular idea in our house too. Love the daddy portrait in melon shirt - looks like Picasso in the making.


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