Sunday, September 19, 2010

Turning Over a New (fall) Leaf :)

So.  I’ve noticed lately that my blog is becoming one big commercial.  And I really don’t like that.  I don’t want this to be all about reviews and giveaways… I find that so boring!  I started this blog as a way to document what M does as he grows and the activities we do together, as well as a place for me to write about random stuff and work out my thoughts about various things.  But then – well, I started getting offers for free stuff, and that kind of thing is soooo hard for this thrifty girl to turn down!  :)  So, anyway, my plan from this point forward is to write no more than 3 posts about reviews and/or giveaways per month.  This should help me be a little more picky in choosing which offers to respond to.

Also, there’s a new look to the blog!  Check it out and tell me what you think. :)  Is it too dark?  Too crowded?  I decided to go back to a 3 column layout, and I’m happy with it this way, but would like a little feedback too.  I have these great seasonal prints, which I absolutely love,  that I got for free at a book sale and decided to use them and some digital scrapbooking elements to make my headers.  Should be easy to change it all up each season!  How nerdy is it that this gets me very excited? ;)

And, there’s a new blog button too!  If you have my button, delete that old thing, and come pick up the new one!

“Regular Programming” should be starting up here in the next week or so, with The Art Box on Mondays and our Preschool activities sometime during the week, as well as good books we’ve been reading!

Happy autumn (a bit early), everyone!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I think you new look is great! My only suggestion would be to make more constrast between the text and the background for the actual posts - maybe the color you have in the sidebars for the text, and white as a background? Can you tell I don't know anything about blog design? ;)

  2. I like the new look and the new button is super cute!
    I know what you mean about having a hard time turning down free stuff! I'm super thrifty too and it pains me to turn it away! =) Happy Fall!

  3. Hi....I really love your new desing, love the Autum motive and very warm. As MaryAnne said, maybe would change the background, same color but lighter (love that color)and the text color a little bit darker so it can call people attention better. And love your new button...already changed the old one on my blog...


  4. I love the new look! And I completely understand the conflict between wanting free stuff and not over-doing the review posts. I'm trying to strike a balance as well. On a side note, I'm very excited for the return of the Art Box. After being away from it for a long time, I think my kids are finally getting back into art again so we should be able to participate!

  5. I like your idea of using the seasons as inspiration for the design of your blog. Your new layout is very warm and inviting.

    The lure of free products, especially ones that can be used with your child is so very tempting.

    Happy autumn to you and your family!

  6. Awww, thanks for your sweet comments. I did feel special! And forgoeing (sp?) sleep is so appropriate given the title of your blog.

    It's funny that you just commented, because I was thinking of you this morning when I saw this article over at Faith & Family:

    I found myself nodding along in agreement as I read it, and I know that we are often on the same page on those types of things.

    Now the I actually start following the advice! :)


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