Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tree and Leaf Nomenclature Cards

I love the look and idea of Montessori botany puzzles and nomenclature cards.  And I’m really trying to incorporate more Montessori elements into the activities I do with M.  Autumn is on its way (many people aren’t excited about that, something I just don’t understand.  Autumn is glorious and I love it.  It’s not autumn’s fault that winter follows close behind!) and I know we’ll be talking a lot about trees and leaves… so I whipped up these little nomenclature cards for trees and leaves.

The idea is to print two sets, then match them up while learning the names of the various parts.  Each card has a different area highlighted in color, and there is one non-highlighted card titled “leaf” (or “tree”).

Eventually we’ll use these as 3-part cards too, and I’ll cut the labels from the second set of cards so M can try matching up the words in addition to the pictures.  For more info on how to use 3-part cards, see this great blog post.

Of course I’m sharing my little creations!  They were very simple to make and not too time consuming.  I hope to make more printables along these lines in the weeks ahead.  The links for these are below:
Tree Nomenclature Cards Leaf Nomenclature Cards

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I completely, 100% agree with you about fall - it's my FAVORITE time of year! Though we don't have much of a fall here in Bermuda, I remember it well from my life in Minnesota. Lucky you!

    Your nomenclature cards are perfect - so good of you to create and share them! Thank you!


  2. Your cards are great - thanks for sharing them! I also LOVE autumn!

  3. These are great, I just love Fall. Thanks, Karen
    Sippy Cup Central Mom

  4. What a great idea. Perfect for our new Animals and Nature "learning box" we've set up. Thanks for sharing the printables! I'll be sure to link back if we use them.

  5. Thanks for sharing. The only other set I have are Parts of a Turtle, which I found here:

    I didn't realize you had finished the lower case letter Build a Letter templates. I will printing them out in a little bit. Having a bit of Montessori in my background I was really looking forward to these. And just in time for the new school year. Thanks a bunch, my daughter loves the capital letter ones we have. We used to take them to the hospital when I had my non-stress tests, to keep her busy.

  6. Thank you. When I did my tree unit, I used some nomenclature.three part cards I found somewhere but can't find now. I like yours better though and when we cycle around to trees and leaves again, I'll be using them.

  7. Thank you for sharing the cards! They are perfect!


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