Monday, August 2, 2010

The Art Box – August 2, 2010

My beloved laptop was having some issues last week and my not-so-beloved-but-normally-reliable camera was malfunctioning.  Ugh.  You can imagine my horror and anxiety, right? ;)  Everything seems to be back to normal now, and the internet did not go away during my absence.  Thank goodness.  Um, not that I need the internet, or my laptop, or my camera for that matter…  that would just be silly, wouldn’t it?

So, I only captured one lovely piece of artwork made from the Art Box and this is it:art box Yes, I know it looks like he poured glue on a piece of paper and then dumped a bunch of random stuff on it.  However, it took him a good half hour and he was very intentional about all, or at least most, of it.  He even stuffed things into the noodles. :) 

To be honest, sometimes I think the Art Box has turned into more of a tool for me to keep M busy while I “get something done”, than just something for his enjoyment.  However, he really does enjoy the freedom of being able to make whatever he wants whenever he wants.  And he is always so proud of each and every creation.  So many are made with a specific person in mind (to give it to), and I love to hear him talk about how much he loves them and how much they are going to love their special gift.  He is definitely expressing himself through his artwork! 

If you have a kid's art post, link it up below! Be sure to link back here somewhere in your post.

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I love how M uses all available space - it does mean that he is really into his artwork and has a plan. It's always fascinating to me to see how involved Anna can get when she is really into creating something. It's very sweet that he has gift plans for each of his creations.

  2. It looks like the art box serves many purposes. That is a wonderful thing.

  3. I can just picture him carefully putting every piece on that paper. And if the box is sometimes used to help keep him occupied while you need to get something done, great! It's a much better "babysitter" than TV. (Not that I catch myself doing that, of course! Ok, just a little. :)

    We didn't really do an art box, but we did do some open ended art so I'm linking that up.

  4. Your crafts look like a ton of fun! I know my kiddos love mosaic making!

  5. Oh my gosh, that is too cute Nicole! I love that he added so much!

  6. Another nice one.

    I'm an elementary art teacher in Virginia. My preschool art classes have no prescribed curriculum, so I'm wandering around the internet looking for lessons that truly inspire creativity in tiny ones. jan


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