Friday, July 9, 2010

Preschool Corner / Weekly Wrap-Up – July 9, 2010

This is the last preschool post for a while…  M is not excited about much that’s been out for him lately and I need to take a break and rethink some things.  And, well, it is summer. :)  So this wrap-up is for a few things we’ve done that he’s actually enjoyed over the past several weeks.

Math Skills:
I made some quick number cards and we used them with these little number rods I found at a thrift store:may  2010 074We did them in a very Montessori-ish way, going slowly and making sure to count each section of each rod, then naming the number of both the rod and the card.  M seemed to respond well to having “rules” for doing this.

Then we made a triangle with them:may  2010 077Unfortunately I didn’t get a full set of the number rods.  I plan on making some Montessori bead bars so we can continue this kind of activity with 10’s and 100’s. 

M worked on his fine motor skills, lining up flat glass marbles on craft sticks numbered 1 to 6 (then he lost interest):june2010 (1)

Literacy Skills:
At Michael’s they have small painted wooden pieces for 25 cents each.  I picked up a handful and we’ve been using them to make up stories (this fabulous idea came from Jill at The Shafer Family):june2010 (28) We use them in a variety of ways – sometimes one person begins with a piece and then the next person adds a piece and a bit of the story and so on.  Sometimes M just wants me to make up a story with all the pieces (or Daddy, who is a master storyteller!).  Sometimes we close our eyes and pick one piece out of a container and have to make up a story as we go along.  We’ll also be using these for phonics sorting.

I put our pipe cleaner letters out with a pan of flour for M one morning.  He spent a good 20 minutes running his fingers over the pipe cleaners and then drawing the letters in the flour.  The flour is so soft and cool – I think he really enjoyed this!june2010 (19) june2010 (20)

Fine Motor Skills:
M sorted seashells in a tray with tongs (idea from No Time for Flashcards):may  2010 056

He practiced some folding skills with his new Kumon First Book of Folding:june2010 (26)june2010 (27)

Then we worked on more folding and taping skills to make these cute little puppets from a recent issue of High Five:june2010 (24)
And M used a small spoon to put marbles into this tray:   may  2010 024He LOVED this, which was a bit of a surprise to me (not sure why).  The tray is from some old board game of my husband’s.  I love how the clear blue marbles shine when the light hits them just right.

This sensory bin was another morning activity (planned to give me a few minutes of peace in the mornings).  M had a blast with it.  I put some water in a tub, and added a few drops of dish soap.  I added in a whisk, a baster, a strainer, and some small scoops:may  2010 001
It didn’t take long for the whisk to whip up some bubbles:may  2010 002
Finally, I gave him a straw and he had a lot of fun blowing into the water to make very big bubbles:   may  2010 003

One day I found M in his room with my set of small screwdrivers, taking apart flashlights and anything else he could think of. :)  He is definitely a budding scientist or engineer.taking apart flashlights

Creative Play:
For your amusement, here’s some self-portraits taken by M with my camera (I didn’t know about these until I uploaded the pics):may  2010 034may  2010 035may  2010 036may  2010 037   
I’m linking this up to Preschool Corner and Weekly Wrap-Up; be sure to check them out for some great school posts!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. His self pictures made me laugh this morning! How cute is he?

  2. lol love that he was taking apart everything.

  3. oo what a fun time! I think we are going to take summer off and let me get re-grouped until the fall! I love the bubble tub!

  4. We do the water tub after every painting and marker activity to clean my son's hands. He loves it.

    Love all your activities.

  5. Those look like fun activities - I really like the wooden story starters.

    You're right on track with taking some time off when things start to be more work than play for him! Great job!

  6. I love that last picture! Save that one for when he's dating. ;)

    I've been buying up the craft pieces too. AC Moore is having a sale now, if you have that store by you. I'm going to create alphabet sound bins and have found it's a less expensive way to add to the miniatures collection.

    We're taking the summer "off" school-wise too... I started realizing I was getting a little too crazy about things and needed a break for some perspective. It is nice to go into summer mode.

  7. It's interesting that the older Anna gets the more she enjoys manipulative games like the ones that you pictured here and the less she likes worksheets. M is definitely an engineer - just look at him go! Wonderful ideas as always!

  8. So many fun activities! I'm tired just looking at the pictures, LOL!

  9. These were great activities! I love the self-portraits , so precious!!

  10. So many fun activities! I just love those self photos that he took of himself! Enjoy a nice break!

  11. I love the story telling activity!Great self portraits by M!

  12. What a fun week!
    Those number rods were such great find! And I love the Montessori elements you've added to your school time.
    We've been having all sorts of fun with shells, too - 'tis that time of year!
    Thanks for passing on the wooden story telling objects idea - we'll have to give that a try!

  13. We're going to be making the same bear puppets from High Five this week. They look so cute! Looks like even though he is losing interest he's still having fun!


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