Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ABC Collage and Trace Book

I’ve written about M’s little ABC binder before.  He still uses it on a regular basis and enjoys it.

There are two parts to this little book (a 3-ring binder, actually).  First, each letter has a tracing page.   Both upper and lower case letters are on one page, and they each take up about half the page.  It’s so much easier for children to learn to write using large spaces… once they get the movement down, they’ll be able to start making their letters smaller and smaller.image These are placed in page protectors and then clipped into the binder.  M uses a dry-erase marker to trace them, then erases them with a small piece of felt.

Secondly, each letter has a collage page that goes beside it, showing things that begin with that letter.  I print out a page of clip art and a page that is blank except for the letters in the middle:
image M calls these his “cutting pages” and LOVES them.  He cuts out the pictures and glues them onto the blank letter page.  This isn’t about precise cutting, and he leaves a pretty good border of white around each picture.  The clip art is spaced widely apart to allow for plenty of room.

The finished collage page is then placed in a page protector and added to the binder, next to the tracing page.  He can “read” his abc book by himself and practice tracing the letters any time he wants!

It’s been such a great project for him that I decided to make it available as a printable.   The file download includes the tracing pages for each letter, a page of clip art, and a page to glue the pictures onto after they are cut out.  Each letter has 5 pieces of clip art except for X and Z.  C and G both have two sets of clip art – one for the hard C or G sounds, and one for the soft C or G sounds.

Go here for the download, or click on one of the images above. 
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. This is great, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for creating and sharing this. I really appreciate how the clipart is spread apart so they can cut them out successfully!

    The ABC clipart can be used for so many other things too! =) thank you thank you

  3. oo very fun! I think we will work through these this fall! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  4. Thank you for stopping by in my blog..you have wonderful ideas I am glad I checked it out!!

  5. Oh, this looks amazing! So generous of you to share. I've started an alphabet book with Mike and this will be perfect for adding to it.

  6. Thanks SO much for sharing this awesome resource!!! We will definitely be using them :)

  7. I've left you the "A Blog with Substance" award on my blog. Thank you for all your great resources and fun blog posts!

  8. thank you soo much! this is a great download!

  9. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing,great ideas. :-)
    Blessings, Jill

  10. I have a hot cupppa in hand and enjoying more than ten minutes to check in on blogs - so finally I can leave a comment, yeah!

    You never cease to amaze me with the excellent resources you create and share. We have just started our alphabet adventures, so I was very excited to see your recent posts about these. Thank you so much for sharing these.

    M's wooden snake looks fantastic. Savvy and M must have been on the same wavelength as Sav also created a collage using nearly a bag of cotton balls earlier in the week.

    We have not tried the sidewalk chalk painting. I have bookmarked this before and it is certainly on our to do list. It looks like a great outdoor activity we could do during these cooler months.

  11. This is really cool! Thanks for sharing it.

    Also, totally off topic...but I could not send you an email via your profile but I had your email from earlier so I sent it to that address. I wasn't sure if you had the same address so I thought I'd leave a message too - just to let you know that I responded to your comment via email.

    And I will totally understand if you need to not publish this comment. :) Have a great day, Nicole!

  12. THANK YOU!! Now, please attach printer ink ;)

  13. Love this! Thanks so very much for sharing such an awesome resource. I'll be printing this and making our binder very soon! I am grateful!

  14. Hi there, i just found this through Montessori Tidbits. Thanks sooooooo much for being so generous with your materials and posting them on the web! I'll enjoy following your blog! Sheila


  15. Sadly, the documents are missing from the links provided.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      The documents were never moved, but it seems Scribd "updated" some links and I was not aware of it. I have updated the links in the post above. Please let me know if there are any further problems with the download!


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