Monday, July 19, 2010

The Art Box – July 19, 2010

I bought a little tote to go along with M’s Art Box last week.  This way we can keep all his usual stuff in one spot and he can add more fun things to the actual box.  In the tote are paintbrushes, glue, pens (which I’ll switch out for colored pencils, pastels, or markers occasionally), scissors, his tiny paint palette, and a small container of collage items like macaroni, pom-poms, etc. july2010 077
I let him pick 3 items from each drawer (there are two craft drawers that are his “art box drawers”.  He chose a bundle of old fabric, cotton balls, a wooden snake with paints, coffee filters, electrical tape, and some stickers.  I picked a variety of papers for him to use.july2010 078
*Note how messy the box is now that I let M pick the items for it?  There’s no time to pretty it all up before snapping a quick photo. You’ll have to just take my word for what’s in there! :)
First he made… well, what are these?july2010 061He was so very proud of them, and told me he had thought up something that no one else had ever made before.  I think he just might be right about that. ;)
He had a great time painting his little wooden snake from Michael’s:july2010 070
 july2010 080
And then he grabbed a piece of dark green velvet (it looks black in the photo), and glued cotton balls all over it.  He told me he had made a “collage of very soft things”:july2010 075
So, yes – his art was interesting this past week, but he enjoyed himself, was excited about it, and probably even learned something – I call that a success.  And I don’t mind that it keeps him busy while I blog either. ;)

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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I love the variety of items you put in the tote this week.

  2. I love how he seems to have thought hard about his art, be it beforehand of afterwards :D Can't wait till we can join in.

  3. Great art this week! (Well every week!) The snake turned out really nice!

  4. Emma would call those things spiders, I bet =)

    Did I understand correctly that he glued cotton balls all over his wooden snake, or were those two separate projects?

  5. Love it! I know you do a lot of great projects with M, but this is a truly original art.

  6. He adds so many fun things. He'd get along great with my boys and their artwork.


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