Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet Valentines

I couldn’t resist sharing the Valentines M has made so far.  Actually, these were all made within 24 hours of finding his art box last week.  He was a busy little cupid all day. :)

Can you see a theme running through most of these?  Apparently making heart faces is big this year.

IMAG0021(Ignore the date in the corner – my camera’s settings obviously need to be fixed.)

M hardly bothered to write anything on most of these, and then I ran across the one for his favorite cousin Sophie and on the back it said this:IMAG0023“Watch out for Captain Hook and Peter Pan!”  Haha – this is my favorite – such an unexpected (and mysterious, don’t you think?) message!  Little boys’ minds work in interesting ways, don’t they?  I hope his romantic messages improve beyond this at some point… or maybe I don’t, now that I think of it. ;)

And the sweetest valentine of all… a valentine pillow for baby sister or brother.  He worked for an entire day on this – sewing two pieces of felt together, with ribbons pinned on – so there’s something blue just in case – and then stuffing it up.IMAG0004

Check out that blanket stitch, he was so very particular about everything:IMAG0008

He was so proud of himself when it was finished!  He was going to glue more felt pieces on one of the sides to make a face (more faces!) but that hasn’t happened so far, and I love it just the way it is:  IMAG0003 IMAG0002

Have a beautiful day! :)

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