Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beds for Orphans

I was recently contacted by Angela over at Homegrown Mom about the needs of orphans in Africa.  She is working hard to get these children the beds they need.  Each bed is only $20.00.  The following is a guest post from Angela… please consider helping her and these precious children.  Her link-up will go live on her blog on April 26th.  Thank you!

Children at Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center,
excited about their new blankets!

In a recent guest post, Ann Dunagan of Harvest Ministry, shared a need for beds for orphans in Africa. Since then, Ann has shared other needs with me, including mattresses, blankets, and food.

I think I am more excited about what I am about to tell you than any other thing I've ever done on my blog.

I have an assignment for you!

Next week, between April 26 and April 29, some other bloggers and I will be hosting a Kids 4 Orphans Link up!

Your Assignment:

1. Share the need with your kids and pray for the children of GUMA NA YESU. You can read more about this ministry here. Here's a video to share with your kiddos, on your blog, with your church, your neighbors, etc:

2. Get your kids to come up with a project to raise money for blankets, mattresses, and food for the Orphans at GUMA NA YESU orphanage in Africa. Tomorrow, I will be sharing project ideas for you. Ann has a brochure with the need and lots of ideas for you here.

3. Set a goal. Blankets are $5 each and Mattresses are $10. Beds are $20. The greater need right now is blankets and mattresses, and food. Here is what Ann has to say about food needs:

There is also a big need for food. Right now the kids are mostly getting is pinto beans, rice, and cassava flour "posho" (which is very bland, and tastes kinda like gritty non/salty play-dough. I have a hard time eating it. It's typical boarding school food in Uganda, but I really would like for them to get more healthy food, like fruit or peanuts or pineapple or avocado or bananas or matoke (which is a Ugandan cooked banana that tastes like squash, it's yummy and healthy), or cabbage. When multiplying by 700 it just costs so much to add variety.

What moves your kids' hearts? Find out and set a goal with them, working towards a specific need. I wholeheartedly believe that each of us can raise at least $100, but I won't put a limit on what God can do! Even if you raise $20, that will buy 4 blankets! I think it will help to set a specific goal such as, "We want to raise enough funds to get mattresses and blankets for 10 children!" Then see what God does with our little plans :)

4. Do the project with your kids. It can be as simple or as complex as you like!

5. Donate all funds raised to The Cause 4 Orphans. Directions and a button to donate can be found here. Click on the Piggy Bank and follow the directions :)

6. Share a photo or a blog post showing what you and your kids did. If you don't have a blog, you can post a photo on my Facebook Page. If you don't want to share a photo, you can simply post a summary of what you did. If you don't blog or Facebook, email the photo or summary to me and I will post it for you, anonymously if you like. I want everyone to be able to participate so if in doubt of how to share, just contact me!

7. Link up your blog post next week! Other blogs are hosting the link-up, and when you link up on any blog, it will show on all hosts at once.

8. *Bonus! Everyone who enters a photo or post will be entered to win a copy of Ann's books: The Mission Minded Family and The Mission-Minded Child!

Will you participate?

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