Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flower 3-part cards – free printable

pink peonyI made some flower cards for M, and am happy to be able to share them with all of you!

To use as Montessori-style 3-part cards, you’ll need to print 2 sets.  Keep one set whole, and divide the other set into photos and labels.  Have your child match the photos and the labels to the first set.

These are flowers M will see this spring and summer in our yard.  I love flowers, and spent a good couple of years researching and planning flower gardens for our home after we were married.  Since having M I haven’t kept them up as well as I had hoped. :)  That happens when your life gets turned upside down by a little person, doesn’t it?!

There are a total of 24 cards in this packet.  Eventually I hope to teach M to sort them into flowers that come from bulbs, rhizomes, bushes, or seed, etc.  You’ll see there are a few of each kind.  Please feel free to ask any questions! :)  Click on the image below to access the download.

These cards are for your personal use only.  Please feel free to link to this post, but do not post this printable directly on your website.  Thank you!



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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. These are just beautiful, Nicole - thank you so much for making them! I've just shared this post on my Counting Coconuts Facebook page:


  2. Wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing these:)

  3. So fun! 24 different cards that is awesome! I made some flower cards for my little lady too but since she isn't reading yet I turned them into puzzles for a matching and sorting game. Most of our flowers are natives to our area so we would have to use these on a walk around the neighborhood or somewhere else, but they are so beautiful I may print them anyway.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What beautiful cards - and such an extensive collection! Thanks so much for sharing them! I just featured these on the Living Montessori Now Facebook page as well:

  5. What a beautiful set of cards. Thank you for so generously sharing.


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