Monday, January 30, 2012


There is one tiny little bit of news I didn’t share with you in my most recent post. I thought it deserved a post of its own. ;)

Are you ready??

baby ultrasound

This little person is due in August, and M is hoping SHE will be born on his birthday. :)  Clarification:  we do not know if baby is a boy or a girl, but M is definitely hoping for a girl.  Me?  My current weak stomach is having trouble dealing with visions of Polly Pockets, Barbie Dolls, and an ocean of pink… so I’m focusing on trucks and all things blue, hee hee.  Of course we’ll be thrilled no matter what!!  We’ll find out when baby is born (more surprises!), not before.

Is it not crazy that I started 2011 with prayers for a baby and we found out mid-December that I was pregnant.  It came on the heels of a 2-week flu bug, and threw me for a loop, for sure.  I had recently truly made peace with the idea of never having another baby, and… well… just so crazy.  I can honestly say the emotions that go with having a surprise like this are very different than the ones that go with planning and hoping… I’m thankful that I’ve been able to experience both.  And I am simply not thinking about my age. ;)  Or my husband’s age. ;)

I have been feeling… awful.  Barely making it through the days kind of awful.  Which of course helps explain my frustration with not being able to get anything done.  I am hoping that as I progress into the 2nd trimester this gets much much better.  

We are keeping an eye on my progesterone levels, which dip distressingly low… I’m getting 4 injections per week (from my husband!  Who is not a nurse, and if he were, might just be the world’s worst.) to keep my levels up – this is because of our previous miscarriages due to low progesterone.  After some worry a week or so ago, we had the above ultrasound.  Baby was waving arms and legs, practically bouncing, and had a wonderfully strong heartbeat. :)

I am so thankful.

Joyfully yours,

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