Thursday, December 16, 2010

Preschool Art - Shiny Foil Christmas Collages

 sparkly foil collages (3)
I’m always surprised at how inspiration can strike simply by going through what we already have

I mentioned in an earlier post that we’ve been cleaning out and organizing some of our space in the past month or so, and part of this included my craft storage area.  As we went through a huge bin of paper products, I found some pretty Christmas cards that I had saved, in the hopes that I’d come up with something to do with them.

Most of the cards had some sort of foil or glitter or something sparkly on them.  I cut out the pretty parts, and teamed them up with some glitter snowflake stickers, and sequins, and cut some glitter Christmas shapes from foam (stockings, candy canes, triangle “trees”, circle “ornaments”, stars). 

And what shines better than aluminum foil?  So I set everything out for M one morning.  I included some window markers too and glue of course:december 005

This was definitely one of the biggest hits we’ve had lately.  M loved this little art project, and it was so much fun I even got in on the action a bit. :)  The white window marker shows up so nicely on foil and made the perfect snow:december 019

Eventually we realized that our window markers are in pretty bad shape and drying out.  So I brought out the window crayons (which I normally loathe, because they are such a mess to clean off of windows).  The window crayons were perfect for this (permanent markers work well on foil too) and, while you do have to be careful at first since they will smear onto anything that touches them, they do dry and are then perfectly ok.  They went onto the foil so smoothly and have such bright colors, that I think these will be our “aluminum foil crayons” and window crayons no longer. No clean up for mom that way. ;)

Finished collages:sparkly foil collages (2)
sparkly foil collages (1)
 sparkly foil collages sparkly foil collages (3)

This was such a blast (for me too)!  If you are looking for a quick art project without so much prep, just peel off some aluminum foil, get out those window markers and crayons, and let the kids go to work! :)

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Whata super idea! I'm not feeling well, so this may be a great thing over the next few days!

  2. What a great idea! I love how you use things that you already have. The boys are getting art supplies in their stockings, including window markers, so we'll give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

  3. ooo what a super neat idea!! Love these :-)

  4. I love how his artwork turned out.

  5. That looks so fun. We just glued foil onto a star cut out to create some sparkle art. This looks much more fun.


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