Monday, June 21, 2010

The Art Box – June 21, 2010

More great picks from M last week for his art box – he chose part of an egg carton, a box of collage thingies, feathers, electrical tape, a small paint roller, dot stickers… and a lot of other things I can’t recall.  He’s an art maniac.  I’m sure this phase will pass though, so I’m trying to enjoy it!
Here’s a taste of what he made…
Remember how I couldn’t get him to do many bug crafts a couple of weeks ago?  Well one was a caterpillar from an egg carton.  He was not. interested.  No way.  But of course when it’s his idea, he’s all over it.  He thoroughly enjoyed making this caterpillar.  If you can call it a caterpillar, because, you know it has feathers and two faces.  But ok, it’s a caterpillar.may  2010 007
Front face:
may  2010 012
back face:
may  2010 013
He also had a fun time making tape resist paintings with the electrical tape.  I did this one time with him as a structured art project, and he’s never forgotten it. 
may  2010 004    may  2010 009 may  2010 010
Thanks you for all the encouraging comments last week.  I was honestly expecting to hear that no one is interested, and your comments really meant a lot to me.   I’m feeling very blessed by all my online friendships.  Thanks, everyone, I appreciate you so much!

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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I LOVE M's caterpillar! I need to do some resist painting with my kids sometime soon.

    And, I'm finally linking up again =)

  2. ohh my word the caterpillar is so cute! I really need to let go some more with art projects!

  3. What an AWESOME caterpillar. How exciting it is when the things we give our children come back to us colored with their unique creativity. It's absolutely wonderful.

  4. Ah, you really "get" little ones and their art. Time to subscribe to your blog. jan


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