Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Science Experiment #1

Our first experiment in our fun science kit was a basic introduction of acids and bases, called “Dancing Powders”.

We set up our cups and poured water into one of them. We scooped 2 ml of citric acid into the other cup, then added 2 ml of baking soda in and mixed the powders together. dancing powder (1) M ready to go, but patiently waiting for Mama to take a picture.

Then M used the scoop to add a small amount of water to the powders:dancing powder (3)

Sure enough, they danced! Everything got all bubbly and we talked about how we heard fizzy sounds and pop! pop! dancing powder (8)

I realized all over again how amazing simple things are when seen through a child’s eyes.

He continued scooping and pouring the water, and had the time of his life with this simple experiment. At 3, it doesn’t need to get any more complicated than this! :) He was intrigued for well over 45 minutes. We repeated this experiment no less than 6 times!! (“Again! Again!”) We even tasted the citric acid and talked about how it tastes like lemons. Yum for me, not so much for M.

Eventually it turned into this:dancing powder M dumped everything into the tray (an old metal pan) and stuck both hands in. :) The bubbles formed around his fingers. We tasted this and it tasted salty. We talked about gases and how the bubbles were releasing the same kind of air that we make when we breathe out. M was fascinated with this idea and asked about a million questions. Whew.

The baking soda, citric acid, cups, and scoop were provided in the kit. It was a wonderful experiment and experience!

For more science activities, visit Adventures in Mommydom!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Cool!! Do you know where the Science Kit was from?

  2. The simple things are all the need. I will have to try this with my boys! Thanks!

  3. Nicole, I always look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next. I always get a million ideas from your blog. I love the fact that M and my son are close in age so I can take the activities to a similar level. :) Thanks for the inspiration

  4. We got this and 1 other kit. We are also homeschooling. Love the post.

    Oh for those looking for these they are at Toysrus with all the science stuff. They are normally $19.99 each.

  5. you can find citric acid pretty inexpensively at health food stores and some craft stores - it's what's used in bath fizzes!

  6. You can use vinegar instead of citric acid too. We made a volcano out of playdoh and did the experiment in there so it would "erupt". It was one of Crumpet's favorite things ever! Love the look of concentration on M's face. Little scientist in the making!

  7. I love doing simple little science projects like this with my son. It doesn't take much to keep them interested sometimes, and definitely important to remember to see things through their eyes!

  8. I don't think I've seen citric acid before. But, I love the picture of him putting his hands in the mess.

  9. I just love this! I'm a huge science person and would really like to try to do something similar with my Sweet Pea.

  10. We got that same Kit for Christmas from cousins! My daughter loves it. We have made th color changing volcanoes and the sunset jellies...If you have not made them yet, they take forever!

  11. Looks like a good kit - I hope all the experiments are such a great success!


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