Saturday, January 9, 2010

Books of the Week – Jan. 9, 2010

M has fallen in love with CD books lately. Thankfully our library has a pretty good selection. I’m just so happy that he’s gotten to this stage; believe me, I enjoy the break I get when he’s listening to one of his books!
Two of his favorites are below, they also just happen to be wonderful classics…
First, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, by Virginia Lee Burton:image
Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel, Mary Anne, are becoming outdated and replaced by newer machinery, so off they go to look for work. They end up digging a cellar and then realizing they can not get out! A little boy (M loves this part) comes up with the perfect solution. :) This is a great book for kids who love trucks, big machines, digging, etc.
And Katy and the Big Snow, also by Virginia Lee Burton:image
The inside cover of this book shows an entire map of the town in which Katy lives (um, if a tractor can “live” somewhere)… that map alone is reason enough to check this book out. M is enthralled with the map, and loves the story too! Katy is a tractor who is sometimes used as a bulldozer and sometimes used as a snowplow. When a major snow storm hits the city Katy comes to the rescue (the other snowplows are in over their heads) and clears out the town, helping the police, the fire department, the hospitals, and on and on. This is a great book about hard work and helping those in need. And it has a big machinery. :) What more could a little boy want?? :)
For more book reviews, see Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns!
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. We don't have the CD books, but these are 2 of Crumpet's very favorite books of all time. Mike Mulligan was one of my favorites when I was small, too. It's so neat to read them to my own child now. Check out the others by Virginia Lee Burton, most are wonderful!

  2. Thanks for joining this week! We have never tried CD books here, but Anna loved Mike Mulligan too. I have to check the second book out - it sounds like something she might like.

  3. We tried CD books once but Selena got frustrated with it. I guess it wasn't her pace.

  4. We've never tried CD books....I think I'll pick one up from the library! I've nominated you for an award at

  5. You know I have been MIA and your posts were the first ones I went to read. You have been so busy and doing amazing things. You helped light that fire under my rear end.

  6. We scored a copy of Katy at the library book sale, but have not read Mike Mulligan. It sounds like we need to track it down! I went to the dollar store last week and was thrilled to find two little packets - Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - that contained a book, read-along CD, and companion sheet of stickers. My son mostly liked finding the stickers that matched the pages we were on, but it was a nice first introduction to books on CD. In general, I prefer paper books, but it can be nice to have a break to cook dinner that doesn't involve videos. :)

  7. Mike Mulligan is a favorite of ours, but we haven't read the snow shovel book - thanks for mentioning the map - my six year old loves that kind of thing.

  8. I haven't read the Katy one yet, but it looks really cool. We love Mike Mulligan here as well. I just love the solution at the end of the book.

  9. My truck loving son just got Mike Mulligan, but we haven't read it yet. I'll definitely be checking out Katy too!

  10. My two favorite boys books. We read Katy last week and I love Mike Mulligan! I actually met a Mike Mulligan once. He was a steam boat captian and I thought of this book every time I saw him. Our letter this week is M, maybe a great time to pull out this book. Thanks for the tip!


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