Monday, January 25, 2010

The Art Box – January 25, 2010

artbox (1)

Several recent posts from Adventures in Mommydom inspired me to put our old playdough in M’s Art Box this week.  (By “old”, I mean it was made a couple of months ago and has been mixed with enough other colors of playdough that it’s starting to look not-so-pretty.  Besides, I’m itching to cook up some Valentine playdough sometime soon!)  With it I included a little divided container with googley eyes, buttons, sea shells, beads, and glass mosaic pieces.   I also included some pipecleaners. 

M was extremely excited about this!artbox (4)Here’s what he made:blog pictures 006 blog pictures 005 artbox (5)

Aren’t they cute, especially the last one??  He had a ton of fun with this.  So now I know exactly what to do with the playdough when it’s time to make a new batch!   This will definitely be a somewhat regular addition to M’s box.

He’s also been itching to paint craft sticks ever since this.  So… he painted craft sticks.  I was hoping he had some crafty plan for them, but nope.  Just painted them all orange. :)artbox

I also put a roll of electrical tape in the art box.  M saw it and knew exactly what it was for.  We’ve only done this once before (here), but it’s been hanging on the wall ever since and from time to time he has asked to do the “tape painting” again, so I knew he’d be interested.  I let him cut the pieces of tape himself and he put them wherever he wanted, then began painting (first with do-a-dots, then with tempera). artbox (6) I love how it turned out:artbox (7)He said it was a “deep, dark forest” and then “sunshine”.  We had recently read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.  I think this may be where he got the deep, dark forest idea.  He loved taking the tape off!!

He also painted this pretty little picture, which alas, came with no cute story.  I still like it. ;)blog pictures 001

Join in and link up your kid-art below!  It’s so much fun to see what they do on their own!

Have a beautiful day! :)



  1. Soon as I clicked into your blog and saw this post I couldn't believe that I let yet another week go by without setting up an art box for Savvy. I know she would absolutely love to have access to all sorts of crafty bits and pieces and create whatever she wanted. I need to get my act together for this.

    M's last play doh monster sure is cute. We usually get all sorts of bits and pieces out too when we are using our play doh - pipe cleaners, scraps of material, buttons (if Blakie is with daddy and cannot access them) etc.

    We made some coasters using letter stickers and a sticky tape lace using the same technique M used for his "tape painting". I really like how his tape painting turned out.

    I am off to read your Tot School post now.

  2. My kids played with googley eyes and play dough last week too - but I love your addition of buttons and pipe cleaners! I was hoping my kids would make monsters like M, and they did at the end, but mostly they just buried the googley eyes in the play dough. I'll probably blog about it this week...

  3. Sadly, the art box didn't happen at all this week. For whatever reason Anna had no interest whatsoever. I love the playdoh suggestion and plan to implement it this week here as well. I thought M's monsters turned out awesome.

  4. Cute stuff! I love the play doh idea too. I finally made an art box last week. I'm so proud of myself since it's the first time I managed to do it! The kids loved it too, so I'll definitely be changing it out today while they're at school. I'm sure they'll be excited with the new stuff!

  5. You are so creative & this is why I am passing along a award to you. Stop by my blog to pick it up. :)
    I LOVE your blog!

  6. Not too surprisingly no art box for us this week.
    Oh, saw this blog post you might be interested in, haven't read it completely, but thought of you when I saw the subject of it:

    And, I personally love the top two playdough creations, mainly because it looks so much like what my kids do with play dough.

  7. I need to get another box together. We left the box we were using back in MN and I just need to find something to use. Each week I see yours and think, GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR CINDY! Drew loved it. Ok I will do it tonight. Thanks for the positive peer pressure.

  8. My son would love that monster idea! He is really into making felt monsters, and when we were on vacation last week, he made them out of rocks from the rockbed outside. Thanks for the idea. :)

  9. I LOVE this idea for using old playdough! I'm getting ready to make new playdough for February/Valentine's, and I've been wondering what to do with all of the old stuff! :)

  10. I love his playdough creations! You always have such great successes with your art box!

  11. Just found your blog- I love it--- the Art box is a great idea- I am going to have to start doing this! :)

  12. I have a fear of turning my children loose with art supplies, so we do very little art here. Seeing your post makes me think I need to make a goal to let them at least have a few supplies each week. I love the little monsters, and M's tape art picture is awesome!!

  13. Love the electrical tape idea. Crumpet has been feeling a bit crafty this week, so I bought some new exciting supplies and we'll have a go at creating this week. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to link up next week!


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