Monday, January 18, 2010

The Art Box – Jan. 18, 2010

art box (1) In the Art Box last week: tempera paints (in the pill box), scrapbook scissors (of course!), a jar of foam stickers, glue, regular stickers, a baggie of scrap paper, construction paper, newsprint, paint roller and brushes, also a little wooden crocodile and paints.

M has really enjoyed painting on new surfaces lately – foil, plaster, wood. I bought the wooden crocodile and paints at Michael’s for $1.00. This, of course, was the first thing he wanted to do when he saw his art box (3) He really concentrated on all the little parts. Then he painted its tummy red. :)

He has a few random pieces of wood (sanded smooth) from Daddy’s stash, and keeps them in with his building blocks. So he went and grabbed one and painted it. :)blog pictures 030

Next, he complained because there “isn’t much stuff in here”… I put less in his box on purpose thinking it would spur his creativity a bit more. He did decide to make a collage, something he used to love doing but hasn’t been interested in lately. art box

Then he painted with the little paint roller – he loves to paint with red and then paint white over it and watch it turn pink:art box (4) Doesn’t that look like a heart in the center?

We spent some time working on a sticker collage to go with a Bible story (more on that in another post), and had so much fun we brought our enormous jar of foam stickers and our living room looked like this for a while:blog pictures 047 He really enjoyed these stickers for some reason. Here’s one of many finished sticker collages (I know, it’s really flower-y, ha ha):blog pictures Note the cow jumping over the moon. ;)

And of course he did some cutting. This kid LOVES to cut with scissors! He told me this was an alligator :)…croc I can kind of see it. ;)

Link your kids’ art up below! Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I always enjoy your Art Box posts :) We are big foam sticker fans here as well. In fact, I complain sometimes that we have a "sticker inflation" - normal stickers don't generate quite as much excitement. Anna also loves new things - it's about the only way to get her interested in painting or drawing, unfortunately.

  2. We love foam stickers here as well. That and my kids have been begging me to get that alligator or snake kit from Michael's for weeks now. Literally weeks.
    So, question for you. I'm thinking of linking up my art box posts to Mama Jenn's Kiddos Create as well, but want to make sure you don't mind before I do.

  3. I like the color mixing of white and red. I think someone is ready for Valentines Day!!!

  4. Hi Nicole, Thanks for your email. I'm slowly getting back on top of things, but I do agree it does take time.

    Just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you over at my blog.

  5. oh my goodness - what a mess! Turned out beautiful though! :)

  6. I like the idea of putting wooden objects in the box. I'll have to try that. He always does such a great job--thanks for sharing.

  7. Fun stuff! I have been watching all these Art Box posts for weeks and wanting to join. I finally just put together a box of stuff, so will be linking up next week. Finally!

  8. lol, his alligator is cute.
    I really want to start with art box but right now our house is soo full of toys and things that i honestly dont have space to put things in an area accessible to him. I need to do some major cleaning up and filtering my sons toys


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