Monday, January 11, 2010

The Art Box – Jan. 11, 2010


blog pics 036 In the Art Box last week:  new truck stamps, glitter glue, fun scrapbook scissors (scallop and zig-zag), glitter snowflake stickers, sports stickers, construction paper and newsprint, watercolor paints, scrap paper and fun foam.

M was really into his stamps and stickers this time around and made me several stamp and sticker collages; here’s a couple:blog pics 038  blog pictures 050


He painted with his watercolors a little bit… blog pictures 033

Interestingly, he was not so much into painting last week.  Maybe he was still going through some sort of paint-with-water coloring book withdrawal??  I have a feeling any other kind of painting will not measure up to the paint-with-water book experience for a while.  Grrr…


Hands down, his favorite was cutting with my scrapbook scissors (I make sure they aren’t sharp, testing them on my own fingers!).  He cut piles upon piles of paper but was not interested in doing anything with it, except adding to the pile.  His favorite thing to cut?  Fun foam of course!  I have to admit I do enjoy cutting it too – scissors just glide through it, like butter! :)  blog pictures 035 So, does anyone need a box of teeny-tiny pieces of foam and various other papers?  Anyone?  Or a kid with a goofy smile? :)

Oh wait, I’m keeping him

Link up your kid’s self-directed artwork below - I love seeing them!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. It's fantastic that M is so into cutting right now - he's working hard to really master that skill! You could make a really cool collage with all those scraps!

  2. We've so been there with cutting paper and foam :) Anna loves doing it just as much as Matthew does. At least she always pretends that it's soup or salad :) I love the picture - Matthew looks so silly.

  3. His face is so cute and funny in the picture!

  4. The foam is fun to cut and my kids do it too. Then they glue it all on top of the little pieces.
    They'd make a killer collage if he gets interested in gluing.....


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