Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Raccoon Shapes Craft – printable :)

So, tonight I had two hours of uninterrupted internet time. I was going to write 3 posts for later this week, comment on all your lovely posts out there, and maybe even play some sudoku.:)

What I ended up doing instead was creating this little guy:image Isn’t he cute?

Next week our theme is autumn animals – think owls, squirrels, bats… and raccoons. I found some great raccoon books at the library today, and wanted to make a fun workbox activity for M that went along with them. We haven’t done much with shapes lately, so I came up with this. He’s entirely made of shapes. Well, except for the googley eyes we’ll be putting on him and the whiskers (probably black yarn since that’s what I have on hand).

I looked all over internet-land and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I *had* to make one from scratch (oh, darn!). DLTK has a cute one that is entirely made of hearts, but M, being very manly, is not into hearts so much. ;)

If you are interested in making one, or if you ever do a raccoon theme, you can print out the template and instructions from here. I’ll probably cut the shapes out and then use them for a template on black paper. I’ll let M color the shapes on the second page gray. If you have a kid who is good with scissors, they could do a lot of the cutting too.


Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. This is so cute! I couldn't help but chuckle when you said to print it out on black paper! Oh well we all make little mistakes, we have to laugh at ourselves every so often or life wouldn't be fun!

  2. You are so clever. What an adorable racoon made almost entirely from different shapes.

    Whenever I have an hour or two to myself (mostly at night when my two little ones are fast asleep) I seem to also concoct grand plans for achieivng a heap of things. I think you did and amazing job to make this and it certainly will be worth it when M gets a real thrill out of using this.

  3. Thanks so much for this awesome find. We were thinking Fall animals for next week too. Funny. Drew has been loving watching the squirrels scamper all over our yard collecting for winter. He always wants to chase them.

  4. Awesome! I admire you for spending your precious time to yourself on creating unique crafts and sharing them with the blog world. I hope M will enjoy this craft.

  5. Sooooo cute!!! I might just have to add in a lesson about raccoons soon! And thanks so much for sharing your template!!!

  6. Well aren't you clever! I love the way you used so many different shapes to make this cute racoon.


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