Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Traffic Light for your Little Driver

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M was driving his little spiderman truck around the house this morning, and occasionally he would stop with a blank look on his face, totally staring into space. I finally asked him “what are you doing? (meaning, are you OK?)”. He said, “I pushed on the brake and stopped because the light is red.” “Now it’s green again, bye Mommy!” :)

Now, it really is ok to let your kids just do their thing and not interfere, but whipping up a little traffic light for him seemed like such a simple thing and I was in the mood. So… here’s what I did. No pictures for most of it, yet once again. (Sorry!)

  • Empty your close-to-empty tissue box
  • Take it apart and put it back together inside-out.
  • Tape it up with packaging tape.
  • Use your coffee cup to draw 3 circles on red, green, and yellow construction paper.
  • Tape them to the front (what used to be the inside of the bottom) of your box.
  • Give it to your kid.
  • Watch him drive up to it and stop. Hope he knows he can pretend the lights change. :)

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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Aw, what a good mommy to whip this up for him :)

  2. Fun! Love how creative he is being. =)
    B likes this rhyme.....

    Red means stop.
    Green means Go.
    Yellow means "Whooooa let's go slow!"

  3. LOVE IT! I think it is good to whip up a little something that the kids will love!

  4. This is pretty neat. My DH actually made a working wooden light for Anna - she can change the colors by turning the knob on top. It was such a hit with all the visitors that now he made it twice as a birthday present for Anna's boy friends. I think there is something about the traffic lights that fascinates little children to no end.

  5. Oh, this is great! I think I have an idea on how to take it even further...hmmmm...gotta get to work!! {smile}


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