Friday, October 23, 2009

Prayer Posts – good idea?


I have had this thought going through my head lately… actually plaguing me at times because it wasn’t something I was sure I wanted to take on.  I also wasn’t sure how well-received it would be.  So here goes… give me your feedback, please!

I’m thinking of having a weekly prayer post – somewhere that anyone who wishes can link to or leave a comment with their prayer requests, and know that others will pray for them.

Sometimes it’s just easier for some reason to confide in online friends than in “real life” friends.  Sometimes the emotions are just very raw, and the typing it all out helps more than actually speaking the words.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have one more place to go to ask for prayers, even after having asked people we know to pray for us.

Here’s the format I have in my mind, but I’m totally open to suggestions too!  I’m thinking of having some scriptural quote or possibly a passage from a book – mainly having to do with motherhood, wife-hood, and/or just basic Christian life; some sort of food for thought.  Then listing my prayer requests for the week.  I will probably be able to keep this fairly short (think bullet points) most weeks, but of course we all have weeks where we need extra prayer for crises or special circumstances.  Then I would either open it up for people to leave prayer requests in the comments, or if there’s enough interest, a McLinky for others to link their own prayer posts to. 

This would be for prayers of petition, intercession, thanksgiving, etc.

(And I PROMISE to not be long-winded in them! :)  )

I’m also thinking of actually setting up a second blog to use specifically for this once-a-week post.  I like the name “Where Two or Three are Gathered…”.  What do you think?  (It’s a reference to a Bible passage about prayer.)

So… any takers?  I feel like this is something that’s been laid on my heart; I am a *pray-er* and I know many of you are too!  Let me know your thoughts!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I love the idea, Nicole. I think you should just state some ground rules off the bat (no gossiping, etc) but it is an awesome idea!

    Thanks for stopping by Ordinary Inspirations and for your sweet, encouraging comment!

    So nice to meet you! Come back often. I love your blog! I'm now one of your followers!


  2. Sounds Great! I would comment for sure but I'm not really a McLinky person yet:)

  3. I think it would be a powerful thing! Even if I (or others) didn't post any requests, I would for sure pray for others. Does that make sense? I agree with Traci about the ground rules. There must be a reason that it is weighing on your heart. I like the idea of the name of the other site. =) Cute.

  4. I think this is great! We can never have enough prayer in times of need, or praise! You are such a sweety to want to do this. I agree with the rest though there should be some ground rules. We seem to pray for those we know need prayer, but a place where we can all come would be very helpful.

  5. Oh Nicole, I think it's such a fabulous idea. I think it would be well-appreciated.

    And, I can't thank you enough for the kind, loving comments you've left me. Seriously, when I read the one you left tonight, I let myself just soak it in and cry. I know you've suffered too many loses and know that I pray for your little ones now, too.

    I guess I don't have my email addy available... If you have a moment, drop me an email (I'd email you but my computer isn't letting me access it...?). I'm at MsJill81 @ (no spaces).

    My d&c is scheduled for Monday and I'm borderline terrified. Too scared to Google it but seeking some been there, done that advice.

    Anyway, hugs to you for being a source of support. It means the world.

  6. I love this idea, Nicole, but I don't know if I would have the time to McLinky. I feel a little blogged down lately and have been feeling the need to step away from blogging for a short break. I also love the name you've chosen for the prayer blog. We all definitely need prayer. My husband may actually be losing his job because he has decided to put family ahead of work and refused to go on a month long business trip. Crazy!

  7. Hi Nicole

    What a beautiful idea. I believe in the power of prayer so would certainly pray for others who have specific prayer requests. I think you have come up with a perfect name for your second blog.

    I really like your idea of writing things you are grateful for on leaves and displaying them on a tree. Last year for Christmas I made a giving and gratitude Christmas countdown, whereby we had 25 treasure chests and in each treasure chest we recorded what we were thankful for each day (as Savvy and Blakie were still too young to do this, we wrote down what made them smile and giggle on that day). We also put objects we had collected from the day (a shell from the beach, a letter we had received etc, etc), We also used our treasure chests to keep photos from the day. After Christmas I collected all of the bits and pieces from each treasure chest and put them in a book. Last week, I looked back through this book and it makes me smile looking at all the things we were thankful for. I wrote a blog post about it here:

    Nicole, your ABC lapbooks are amazing. I have recently learnt about lapbooks through other people's blogs and am yet to create my own. You have used a diverse range of creative and fun ideas for your alphabet lapbooks. They are brilliant.

    Your ABC books are also going to be so much fun. I like that you have a set format to do these with the tracing page, craft page and collage page.

    I always love stopping by and visitng your blog.

  8. I think this is a wonderful idea!

  9. I like the idea. I'd probably add prayers in comment form usually, but you might add the linky, for that random person who wants/needs a bigger space to add.


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