Friday, October 30, 2009

Penny Drop Game – motor skills and just for fun :)

This was one of M’s shelf activities this week since we were talking about the letter P.

I found an old egg carton and grabbed 18 pennies, one for each little section.  We took turns standing straight up over the egg carton and, with our arms bent at our waists, dropped one penny into the carton at a time.  The goal was to get one penny and only one penny in each section.  It is easy at first, but once you are close to the end of the pennies and there aren’t many open sections left it gets a bit more difficult.

penny drop

You can see M does not have the proper stance in this picture. :)  That’s ok, I let him cheat once in a while. ;)

He had so much fun with this super-simple game and played it several times each day, even getting Daddy in on the action a couple of times.  Sometimes he (M, not Daddy!) even played it by himself.

In a week or two I’ll bring it back out and make it more challenging by putting “X”s and “O”s  in the sections.  Then each player will have to try to hit only his sections. 

Have a fun and beautiful day! :)


  1. Just jotted that one down in my "To Do" list. D love to play with coins so I know this would be a hit. You are so creative! Happy Halloween!

  2. What a fun game. B would like this too! Great idea!

  3. Love it - I just dug out egg carton back from the recycling box :)

  4. Just added this to my spreadsheet of ideas. Great game!

  5. Oh, thank you for reminding me of this game. I saw it in a magazine and I have been meaning to try it with the kids.

  6. Tried it with Bear with flat marbles instead of pennies. She really enjoyed it!

  7. Love it!! I'm going to have to try it with my girlies : )
    Wonder if you could try pom-poms or other goodies.


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